Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pastel Love

BCBGeneration dress, Zara heels, Dannijo bracelets and earrings

Hi everyone!

Wow I have not written a blog post in forever! I really have no excuse other than I haven't been feeling inspired to post anything.  I have been keeping up weekly on my YouTube channel though, so I thought I would post my latest get ready with me video along with some shots from last weekend.  
My cousin got married at a beautiful location in Brooklyn, and I am actually obsessed with my outfit and makeup. I wore a sort of pastel floral pleated dress that was perfect for dancing in, pale blue platforms that I thought would be more comfortable than they were, and tons of jewelry from Dannijo (where I am an intern).  I went with a bright purple eye shadow and pink lip, and I really had fun getting ready. I usually stick to black and white, so this was quite bold for me. The wedding was so beautiful so I have included some pictures from my Instagram of the view from the warehouse where it took place. What have you been up to this summer?

xo, Sophie


Thursday, April 30, 2015

A day in Brooklyn

Zara dress, Topshop sandals, Dannijo bracelet, Free People sunnies, Urban Outfitters bag

Whatchu lookin' at?

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, Mitchell and I went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to celebrate our one year anniversary (he also took me to a fancy dinner and got me a Pamela Love ring but let's focus on Brooklyn for now).  It was the most gorgeous day ever, which was so lucky because it immediately went back to being freezing. We walked all around the park, got chocolate milkshakes at Shake Shack like tourists, and rode on the carousel (which is one of my favorite things ever). 

It always astounds me that, despite living in NYC, I rarely leave my NYU bubble to explore the city properly.  I often make excuses that I'm too tired or have too much homework or that it's too cold, but I really want to experience new places as often as I can.  I definitely want to make more of these "A day in..." posts so that I can document the places I go to look back on in the future!  Let me know what you think of them. :) 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

72 Hours in Aruba

Hi everyone!

So if you follow me on social media you may know that last week I flew to Aruba for three days to surprise a bunch of people. I usually spend spring break in Aruba with my family and family friends (including my boyfriend), but this year my spring break wasn't at the same time as everyone else's, so I couldn't go.  But I wanted to surprise everyone and show up just for the weekend, as it was me and my boyfriend's one year anniversary.  The only person there who knew I was coming was my dad, and I really wish I had documented my moms face when I ran up behind her on the beach! 

I didn't take many photos since I was there such a short amount of time, and most of that time was spent in the water, but I thought I would compile the few that I did take into this post for memory's sake. I also took my GoPro with me and shot a few things on that, so I edited a little vlog-y video.  I wish I could have stayed in Aruba for the whole week, but I am so glad that I was actually able to pull off the surprise.  It was my first time flying alone internationally, so it was certainly a big deal for me. I'll be going to Costa Rica over the summer, so hopefully I'll get even cooler GoPro footage then!

Have a great week :)

xo, Sophie