Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Look Back at September

I started my sophomore year at NYU!

Here is what my face looked like on my first day of school :D 

Squad goals 

NYFW madness

Made some new friends at the StyleHaul creator party!

Went to visit my boyfriend at Duke <3

The always-amazing view from my dorm room 

Some of my September favorites: Burt's Bees makeup wipes, Olay cleanser, Scent Bird perfume, Colourpop matte lippie in Bumble, It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette 

The 'SuperBloodMoon' eclipse, as taken by my dad through our telescope back home

Forever staring at my view

Late nights in the park, taken while heading home from an awesome open-mic party at a friend's apartment

Hi guys!

Decided I wanted to do a little monthly roundup of some of my favorite Instagram shots from September, with some quick descriptions of what I did throughout the month! 

I had a crazy stressful but also really fulfilling month that included starting my sophomore year at college, fashion week, parties, traveling to Duke, and so much more. You can check out my Instagram @sophielewis423 for all of my latest pictures, but I hope I can continue doing this each month just to share a few tidbits of what I have been up to! 

xx, Sophie


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Generation Beauty NYC

At the creator pre-party! My dress is Free People

At the pre-party with Katherine!

At the convention with Megs, Russia, and Adyel

Everyone at the pre-party!

Some of the products I got!

So, it's been a really long time since I have written a blog post. I'm not sure why. I think it's mostly because I haven't been as interested in taking photos of my personal style recently, and I also haven't really been motivated to write anything down. That's why I have been keeping up with my YouTube channel; it's just so much easier for me to film a video of myself in my bedroom than to go out and have someone take pictures of me. But I don't want this blog to completely die off, especially because I am still super active on YouTube and it is nice to have this site as a culmination of all of my Internet things. 

That being said, I have no idea how frequently I will post, although I have a feeling that I will start to post frequently when I go abroad next semester, as I will have so many amazing photos from all over Europe. I always liked keeping this blog as a sort of personal diary to look back on so I really want to continue documenting my life on here. 

Moving on to what this post is actually about, I wanted to post a couple of pictures from Generation Beauty, which took place last weekend. Generation Beauty is a beauty convention hosted by Michelle Phan's company Ipsy, and it was basically a three day event for YouTubers to connect with companies and for fans of YouTube to meet the vloggers they watch. I think the most fun aspect of it was the creator pre-party. I met loads of people who I really admire and made some amazing friends within the community. We also got an INSANE swag bag full of products to test out and share with our viewers, which you can check out in the haul video I posted. The convention was also amazing, and the brands who were there were all really lovely and so sweet to the creators. I appreciated that there was no crazy fangirling at the event and no major security issues like there are at some other YouTube conventions. The whole weekend was really well put together. 

Anyways, I'm not sure if anyone is around to still read these but I have enjoyed writing my thoughts a bit instead of speaking them like I do on my channel. I really want to get back into treating this like a personal diary, so I hope I will get back into documenting the events I go to, places I travel, favorite products, etc. See you soon!

xx, Sophie