Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Start of Summer

I hate posting every other week like this but I have been so busy!  School is almost over, so I have had a bunch of AP exams and SAT2 exams and I have been working a ton at my lifeguard job so I haven't had a lot of time to post.  Hopefully once school is over I can go back to posting twice a week!

I kind of feel like a walking Madewell advertisement in this week's outfit, but it was totally an accident!  I was attempting to do a little print mixing with my favorites-floral and polka dots-and it just so happens that all of my Madewell clothes just look so good together.  I know I am a little behind on the whole "baseball cap blog post" phase but I got this hat a few months ago and have had absolutely nowhere to wear it until now.  

So it was just Memorial Day Weekend, and I figured what better way to honor the official start of summer than with a pair of white shorts and a floral baseball cap.  Now, it's true that I have been wearing white all winter long (see: major fall trend) and I absolutely despise baseball as a sport, but this combination seems obvious nevertheless.  

With the kickoff of memorial day weekend, which promises bbqs, fireworks, endless desserts destined to go straight to my stomach region, and loads of family friends wearing nothing but white, comes the beginning of shorts season as well.  For a girl still in high school, this means I will be seeing quite a few body parts over the next few weeks that make me wish my school implemented a dress code.  I wish I could just go back to the winter days of boyfriend jeans and slouchy sweaters, but with a 3,000 person school and a lack of central air conditioning, I have no choice but to succumb to the prospect of shorts like the rest of my generation.  Despite the inherent lack of fashion associated with shorts, I tried to remain a little trendy by getting a slightly looser fitting version in white rather than the typical denim hot pants that most of my school struts around in.  You will likely be seeing more and more shorts in my posts as my school continues heating up until it can effectively be physically compared to the burning hell that it already is psychologically.  But I digress; my hatred of school is just not what this blog is about.  

Madewell top, shorts, and hat, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Ralph Lauren sunnies, Rachel Zoe sandals.  
Have a great week:)

xo, Sophie 

Monday, May 13, 2013


...into summer that is.  I'd like to think that it is still May despite the 45-degree weather happening in New York at the moment. 

You know that pair of shoes that are so impractical and yet so beautiful that despite your lack of clothing to wear with them and their inability to function in most everyday situations, you decide to splurge for no particular reason other than their beauty?  No?  Just me?  Ok then. 

What magnificent shoes do I speak of, you ask?  I am praising the B Brian Atwood espadrille flats that I bought from Bloomingdales last week.  Now these shoes are very special to me. For the past two or three months, each and every time I walked through the Bloomies shoe section I either picked them up, tried them on, took a picture of them, gotten a price check, or some combination of these activities without ever having actually leaving the store carrying them.  This exercise repeated roughly seven or eight times.  And I have good reason for my questionable ways.

These shoes are $295.  They are espadrille flats made of hardly anything.  They are covered in gems of various tones and are suitable to be worn with virtually nothing that I own.  As I am writing this list I realize that these shoes sound like the exact opposite of something I should buy.  

And yet, Bloomingdales had a glorious sale last week, and the combination of that plus my mom's status as a black card member, allowed me to finally do the deed, and I walked out with my coveted flats for a mere $125.  Still pricey, but I somehow justified it.  Now, this whole post may seem a little silly because there is really nothing to these shoes, and I really have very little to be fussing over, but I am in love, and love can make someone delirious (isn't that what they say?). 

Determined to get use out of these shoes, I am wearing them almost immediately after purchase for this post.  Trying to lower their cost per wear is not going to be easy all things considered, but they were just too stunning (in my delirious eyes) to turn down.  The rest of the outfit is really just trying to play second fiddle to the shoes, though I am fairly certain there is a paisley pants trend happening slightly on the runways these days and a massive amount of jewelry is always "in" right?  Right.  

Madewell tee and bronze bracelet, Free People pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and watch, H&M necklace, Anthropologie bangles, B Brian Atwood flats.

I promise, they are really much more amazing in person. 

xo, Sophie