Tuesday, December 9, 2014

1,000 Subscriber/Huge Holiday Giveaway 2014!

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I just need to start this blog post by saying ASDFGHJKL THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! When I started posting videos, I never imagined that I would hit that milestone, and I could not be more excited or grateful.  I love every single subscriber, and you always make my day with your sweet comments.  It feels amazing to get such wonderful feedback on videos that I am so passionate about making.  I wanted to post a giveaway to say thank you, and I would love for you to enter!! The rules are super simple, and you can watch the video to find out the details:

1. Must be subscribed to this channel! (youtube.com/scattergirll)
2. Must be 18 years or older or have parent's permission
3. Enter on the top of my blog: http://scattergirll.blogspot.com!

Giveaway is open internationally and the last day to enter is December 29, 2014.


xo, Sophie

Friday, November 28, 2014


Madewell flannel, Free People jeans, Sam Edelman booties, Urban Outfitters bag and bobby pins, Michael Kors watch, Dannijo bracelet

I've found that since I have started living in NYC, I only wear black, white, and grey (gray? I don't think I'll never use the right one).  I try to wear color, but I find that the easiest way to get dressed is a lack of color head to toe.  So when I packed to come home for Thanksgiving, I literally didn't bring anything with color.  Not one thing.  Not sure how I feel about that yet but I have decided I am in love with this outfit.  The flannel is so comfy and and it is my new favorite thing.  I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving, and do let me know in the comments of my video what you would like to see me give away when I reach 1,000 subscribers ;)

xo, Sophie

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Lookbook 2014

My Fall Lookbook is finally here! I feel like I have been hyping this up for way too long but it's my first time doing this sort of video so I am pretty excited about it.  Big shoutout to my wonderful boyfriend Mitchell for filming this for me.  All of the outfit information can be found in the description on YouTube, and I hope you enjoy!

xo, Sophie 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dark Lips

Madewell sweater, LF skirt, Sam Edelman booties, August hat (from Bloomingdales), Dannijo bracelet, NYX Copenhagen on lips

Ah the return of The Dark Lip.  My family hates hit, my boyfriend hates it, but I think it's absolutely stunning.  I instantly feel edgier and more put together, and this one from NYX stays on all day long.  I continued the purple theme with this cool sweater from Madewell that has zippers on the side, a nice touch that allows it to be worn with my favorite leather skirt. This my fourth and final go-to outfit for fall, and that means my next blog post will feature my first ever fall lookbook video! See ya Tuesday ;) 

xo, Sophie 


Monday, November 3, 2014

Texture and Anniversaries

H&M dress and sweater, August hat (from Bloomingdales), Urban Outfitters bag, Dr. Martens boots

I have spoken in the past about my love for mixing textures rather than colors, and it seems to be one of the only constants in my wardrobe as my style has changed over the last few years.  I prefer wearing monochrome, or in this case black and white, outfits with contrasting fabrics.  This outfit includes patent leather, distressed leather, cotton, felt, metal, and whatever shaggy material this sweater is made of (the softest fabric in the world, basically). This is another one of my go-to fall outfits, and the third one to be featured in my upcoming lookbook video on my YouTube channel. 

Also, it was just the second anniversary of this blog! I cannot believe I have had it for two years already; that seems crazy.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me and continues to support me, it means the world :)

xo, Sophie 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seasonally Confused

Free People dress, Topshop jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs booties, 3.1 Philip Lim for Target bag, Banana Republic headband

A few more quick shots from my upcoming fall lookbook video! I'm actually so excited to share it. These were taken in an unseasonably warm Union Square park, just by my dorm building (and I should probably say again that they were taken by my fantastic boyfriend who loves getting shoutouts on the internet). It was actually so difficult to get onto this ledge that he had to hoist me up like a child (in the chicest way possible). 

This is my absolute go to fall dress because I feel like, much like NYC's weather at the moment, it's a bit confused. It's meant to be a sweater but it's made of cotton so it's not that warm but it's still cozy but it's pretty short and has white lace which is sorta summery but it looks cute with boots and a jacket in the winter.  Basically everything you could ever want in a fall dress. I toughened it up with an army jacket and moto boots and you can now find me walking around the city in this outfit until winter comes (I wore it again today oops). 

Yay for blogging more frequently!

Sophie Rose 

Monday, October 27, 2014


Anthropologie top, Free People jeans, Sam Edelman booties, Madewell bag and bracelet, Urban Outfitters necklace

So, uh, hi. Hey there. Hello. What's up? How are you? Long time no blog. 

Just to catch you up since we last spoke, I now live in New York City. I live right near this park where these photos were taken. And they were taken by my lovely boyfriend when he came to visit me last weekend at school (I go to NYU by the way). For the last two months I have spent most of my time in the library, but I have also been working on my YouTube channel as much as I can while at school. So that's been my life (thrilling, I know), how are you doing?

This has been my go-to fall outfit the last few weeks, as it is freezing in the morning and insanely hot by the afternoon.  This is the first of four blog posts that will lead up to a super awesome lookbook video I'm working on, so I hope you guys are excited for that! I'll speak to you soon (I promise this time).


Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to School

Madewell top
Free People shorts
Topshop shoes
Rebecca Minkoff bag
Alex and Ani bracelets
Madewell necklace
Chloe sunglasses

I've literally been dreading writing this blog post because it is the last one I will write before heading back to school.  I am definitely one of those typical teenagers that absolutely hates going back to school and would rather be doing anything else.  But this year it's a bit different.  This year, I am starting college.  In three days I am moving to New York City and starting my first year at NYU.  That was a scary sentence.  Of course I'm excited, but I don't think I'm really going to let myself be too enthusiastic until everything has settled and I have gotten through my first week of classes.  I'm just too nervous! However, something that calms my nerves slightly is knowing what I will be wearing on the first day; one less thing to worry about. 

The first week of september is basically still the middle of summer so I've opted for shorts and an airy tank top.  These faux Birkenstocks are pretty much the most comfortable shoes in existence, perfect for my 10 minute walk from my dorm on Union Square to my classes on Washington Square Park.  And it is absolutely essential that I still feel like myself with all this change going on, so I've piled on the gold jewelry.  I also made a video on my back to school hair, makeup, and outfit that I've inserted above, or you can watch here

Wow writing this blog post hasn't calmed my nerves at all.  See you on the other side! 

xo, Sophie

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

White Out

Madewell tee and long necklace
Helmut Lang jeans
Michael Kors wedges
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag
Nasty Gal safety pin necklace (similar here)
Topshop circle ring

Fun fact: whilst googling these jeans to try and find a link, I learned that they are actually called the "white wash cropped moto jeans". CROPPED. THESE JEANS ARE SLIGHTLY LONG ON ME. I found this quite a depressing thought. 

As far as shopping goes, there may be few things more exciting to me than Chelsea Market sample sales.  I was in NYC for the day last weekend with some friends and we absolutely adore Chelsea Market, and we became far too curious by the handfuls of women carrying Helmut Lang bags to not go and check out the sale.  The deals were absolutely insane.  Everything was hundreds of dollars off and I nearly started to drool.  These white jeans were an absolute steal for $70.  They are soft and clean and fitted and have zippers and pockets and my gosh I'm slightly in love with them.  They are just the best things.  They are currently on sale on the website (link above) so get them whilst you can!  

I am a big fan of either wearing loads of colors or none at all, so for this look I wanted to stick to my absolute favorites: black, white, and gold.  I love dressing up a plain tee and wearing all white makes me feel quite luxurious.  It feels like all I've been wearing lately is black, white, grey, and gold; I think I am embracing the simplicity of summer dressing and I love it. A lot. Do you?

xo, Sophie 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alaska Photo Diary (Part 2)

This blog post has been an extraordinarily long time coming.  If you've been here a while, you may recall that last summer my family and I went on an Alaskan cruise (see here).  However, as we were leaving the first port of Ketchikan, one of our engines broke and we ended up being stuck in Ketchikan for four days, ultimately being flown out in charter planes (such an odd experience). 

Because we never really got to see Alaska last time, we decided to go back and try again, this time making it to all of our ports (!!!) and seeing everything we missed out on last summer.  We started in Seattle, where we visited the famous Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. Then we boarded the ship, and we zip lined, hiked, and shopped in Ketchikan (which feels like an oddly familiar home at this point), saw whales and glaciers in Juneau, took a train up the mountain in Skagway, and saw castles and beautiful flowers on the water in Victoria, Canada.   

Alaska is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and it was such a refreshing change of scenery. Highly recommended. I wanted to put this post together so I could share the amazing trip I had and be able to look back on the wonderful memories. I had about 4000 photos from the trip, so I have tried to edit them down as much as possible! Enjoy :) 

A stunning view from the ship of boats in Seattle
The Market in Seattle was FILLED with fish!
The famous market in Seattle where they throw fish at you!
The Space Needle, Seattle, Washington 
A view from one of the docks in Seattle

Seattle has some of the most gorgeous flowers!
My favorite place to hang out on the ship
A view of Ketchikan, Alaska from the ship
"Creek Street" in Ketchikan, which is lined with little shops 
A photo of myself and my brother Aaron that we replicated from last year!

Our first formal night on the ship! I was wearing a Free People dress, Michael Kors wedges, a Madewell necklace and some other vintage jewelry. 

I wore a Free People dress and Cole Haan ballet flats for another dinner on the ship.

Some shots of the Tracy Arm Fjords that we saw from the ship (at a fun 5am!). The water was the most gorgeous color

Whale watching in Juneau proved more exciting than I originally thought it would!

The incredible Mendenhall Glacier
Skagway, Alaska
In Skagway, we took the White Pass Train Ride up a massive mountain, and the views were insane!

One of my favorite shots from the trip; the lake was a mirror reflection of the mountain

This seemed like the perfect selfie moment

For our second formal night, I wore a Free People dress (which seems to be a recurring theme), Michael Kors wedges, a Dannijo stingray bracelet, a Banana Republic headband, and a Topshop ring

The cirque show on the ship was amazing!

My look for Victoria, Canada included an Asos dress, Superga sneakers, and Chloe sunglasses

Congratulations if you've made it this far. Hope you enjoyed the photos from my trip and have a great week!

xo, Sophie