Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Uniform

Madewell top and bobby pin, Aqua jeans, Dr. Martens boots, Michael Kors watch, Charming Charlie scarf, C Wonder bracelet, Tiffany & Co. ring

Back in July, I posted a summer uniform blog post because I had pretty much been wearing a variation of the same outfit for the entirety of the summer.  Turns out winter isn't much different.  We've gotten an insane amount of snow this winter, so I haven't been able to wear any shoes other than my Dr. Martens.  Black and white has overtaken any hint of color I had once included in my daily looks, and comfy boyfriend jeans are a necessity when I wake up at 6am to find the temperatures in the single digits.  Also, I am still loving the dark lips and winged liner(despite protests from mom/friends).  The scarf is really just practical, otherwise I would quite probably freeze during my morning drive to school (speaking of which, I should get back to studying for midterms).  What is your go to winter look? 

xo, Sophie

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Madewell dress, top, and bracelet, Forever 21 jacket, Michael Kors watch, Dr. Martens boots, LF headband

It is a rare day that I'm not wearing some variation of black during the winter.  I try to keep from being too boring by incorporating different shades and textures.  I wear prints almost everyday, and I love this checked one from Madewell.  Also, many people warned me of how terribly uncomfortable Dr. Martens boots are, but I have been living in them the past month! 

I have midterms next week so just a quick post; I should be spending this glorious snow day studying for calculus (and french and environmental science and sociology and literature and microeconomics, ugh). 

xo, Sophie


Friday, January 10, 2014

Aren't You Freezing?!?

Urban Outfitters sweater and socks, LF skirt, Hue tights, Aqua jacket, Zara vest, Dr. Martens boots, Forever 21 beanie 

The question asked by a billion people when I walked out in this last weekend: aren't you freezing?!?  The answer is no.  No I am quite happily not freezing, I am actually quite warm in the outfit above.  When I went with my friends into NYC last saturday night, they all showed a bit of concern that I would actually die of being cold in this outfit given the single-digit temperatures in our post-blizzard environment.  But I can assure you, this is probably one of the warmest outfits I own. 

Let's start with the tights shall we.  They are thicker than they look and, with another layer of knee-high socks, keep me warmer than my jeans ever could. My Dr. Martens are equal parts warm, comfortable, and weather-proof, making them a must.  Moving up, my leather skirt does quite a good job of blocking out harsh winds and providing a layer of warmth for my stomach before I threw on a thick grey sweater.  Over that is a grey and black jacket and a very puffy leather and tweed and an assortment-of-other-thick-fabrics vest.  Just in case the frigid winds kicked in, I also threw on a beanie and gloves (the kind you can use your phone with of course, otherwise there is just no point).  

We actually ended up walking a few miles to the restaurant we went to in NYC, and by the time we got there, I was the only one of my friends that was not absolutely freezing.  I am quite proud of this achievement given their earlier concerns.  I'm thinking this is going to be my go-to snow day outfit, what's yours?

Stay warm! xo, Sophie


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Repeat Offender

Free People sweater and dress, Madewell bag and sunnies, B Brian Atwood espadrilles, Topshop rings

Last saturday was absolutely gorgeous.  Cool, but not cold, the sun shining, a light breeze, absolute perfection.  I was in NYC seeing an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, which is right next Central Park.  Naturally, I wanted to take advantage of this and take some outfit photos, but my family, whom I was with, seem mildly horrified that I suggested posting pictures wearing the same sweater and shoes that I wore in my last outfit post.  They decided that this is somehow against the rules of a fashion blogger or something, but I am not one to pass up a beautiful day and a great outfit, so I'm posting these anyway. 

Hope you all had a very happy new year:)

xo, Sophie