Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Smile Like You Mean It

Vintage Havana top, Topshop dress (worn underneath top), Madewell sandals and sunnies, Michael Kors watch

With summer at it's midpoint, I realized the other day how happy and relaxed I am.  So I just wanted to wear something that made me smile even more, and I can never say no to a great floral print and my favorite color-purple.  I am also super into the reflective sunnies trend, and I like this slightly more subtle pair.  I got all dolled up-I even did my hair and makeup.  That's right; I finally got off my lazy butt and straightened my hair.  I know; you're just as shocked as I am.  It took a lot of hardship, blood, sweat, and tears, but after a half hour of washing, forty minutes of blow drying, and two hours of ironing (with an ice cream break to cool off, of course), I have finally tamed my hair for the first time in months.  And despite these pictures-which I am actually really happy with-I don't think I will be putting in the effort again any time soon. 

Of course, the day after these photos were taken, just as I was starting to relax and enjoy my summer, my schedule for my final year of high school was released and a new wave of stress and emotion has once again overwhelmed me.  Tomorrow, the common application-used to apply to the majority of universities in America-is being released, so I will probably spend all of august holed up in my room writing essays and freaking out.  

Despite the sudden stress, I had a really nice and relaxing July that has put a genuine smile on my face for the first time in a while.  I only hope august will go as smoothly.  How are your summers going? 

xo, Sophie


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Uniform

I have always considered myself extrordinarily lucky that I don't have a school uniform during fall, winter, and spring, so I find it interesting that I have begun to develop something of a summer uniform.  I have noticed lately that (if I find the energy to even change out of my pajamas) I wear pretty much the same thing every day in the summer.  I always tell myself that I will get dressed up, then I end up just wearing what I usually do: cuffed jeans, a tee shirt, dainty jewelry, and a ponytail.  I prefer cuffed jeans to shorts for some reason and I always end up wearing a ponytail because that is how I wear my hair to work/I am usually too overheated and lazy to use any technology/products to change it.  I think I may try to break out of this uniform in the next couple of weeks but it is just so comfortable!  What are your summer staples? 

Madewell tee and bag, Free People jeans, B by Brian Atwood espadrille flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, House of Harlow 1960 starburst necklace 

xo, Sophie


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let's Try Something New: Beauty days and Fishtail Braids

It's getting to that point in the summer when I start to really not care about what I look like.  Before this day, I had not straightened my hair, worn makeup, worn a shoe other than flip flops or sneakers, or put on more than just a watch and earrings before leaving the house since school ended in June.  

And I woke up on Monday and realised I was in a rut.  So far this summer, basically all I have done is attend driver's education, go to work, watch about ten thousand youtube videos, and attempted to work out at the gym.  I decided I needed to pull myself together and do something different, so I gave myself something of a beauty day.  I took a bath, went through my makeup, did my hair, etc.  Mostly what I learned is that I actually really hate taking baths, but I also learned some new hair and makeup techniques.  

I have always loved braids, but I have a very hard time braiding my hair because it is extremely thick.  Before I can even consider braiding it, it either has to be soaking wet or pin straight.  So on Monday afternoon, I spent about an hour and a half blow drying and straightening my frizzy locks.  It's a real process with my hair and takes forever, but I finally got it somewhat straight.  I then decided to attempt to put on more makeup than just concealer and mascara, so I watched some tutorials on Youtube.  I found the "my everyday makeup routine" video by Zoella to be really helpful, so I then spent twenty minutes trying to mimick it.  After some frustration, I went back to my hair and tried to follow the video I found on Into The Gloss to perfect the fishtail braid.  However, I failed to realize that my hair would still be too thick to do a side braid, and I ended up having to do two seperate ones.  

I felt that the only thing I could possibly pair with pigtail fishtail braids was all denim-obviously a popular look at the moment among fashion bloggers.  I love denim, especially the chambray tops from Madewell, and I always pair it with loads of dainty gold jewels.  The looks feels a bit country to me-not exactly what I was going for-but I am actually really happy with the braids and I may even wear them again when I conjure up the two hours needed to perfect it with my hair.  What do you guys think?  How have you tried to get out of your ruts lately? 

Madewell chambray top, Blank NYC denim shorts, Rachel Zoe gladiator sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, House of Harlow 1960 starburst necklace, Anthropologie bangles

ps. I didn't realize I was looking to the side in nearly all of these photos, but those are the ones that the braids look best in.  Have a great week!

xo, Sophie


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Back in december, I made a blog post with inspirational pictures from my Pinterest page that could possibly help anyone reading to survive the inevitable Mayan-mandated apocalypse.  I obviously meant the post to be funny and sarcastic (each picture caption incorporated a different apocalypse conspiracy), and the post got great feedback.  Seeing that I didn't have a second to take outfit pictures this week, I thought it was time to make a sort of part II to that post, this time surrounding the current disgusting heat wave hitting New York these past few weeks. 

I tend to believe most global warming theories, because clearly the Earth is rebelling against us.  There have been hurricanes and earthquakes and sink holes and thunder and extreme heat and obviously there is a bigger problem going on.  For the past few weeks, the New York area has been experiencing extreme humidity and heat, with mostly rain and thunderstorms or, on certain days, non-stop blinding sun that threatens to melt my entire body into a pool of soup on the streets.  I like to think that the Earth is currently in an infinite state of PMS and is actively trying to get revenge on the human population for putting it through the most heart-wrenching relationship it has ever been in, much like an attention-seeking teenage girl.  

I now present to you some fashion inspiration from my Tumblr page that may (or, more likely, may not) help you to survive this month's apocalyspe of sorts: the heat wave.

Blow bubbles.  Because you can be as random as you want in this heat and still get away with it. 

Find a body of water that resembles these ones and just live there for a while. 

Don't let the heat stop you from checking your twitter, because nothing is more important. 

Wearing your hair up is really the only survivable style in a heat apocalypse, so try a chic braided style to distract from the fact that you're melting. 

For the next couple of weeks you should probably just stick to an all-ice cream diet until things calm down.  

Hide behind tall buildings to block the sun. 

Buy a large hat to be fashionable and block out the deadly UV rays. 

If you insist on dressing up, I suggest a dress made of almost no fabric. 

A slicked back hair style for those who are too insecure to wear a full on up-do like myself. 

It gets colder as the altitude increases, so I suggest just chilling on a roof somewhere. 

If possible, find the nearest body of water and transform into a mermaid until summer's over. 

You are probably going to be quite hot and sweaty, so pick up as many flowers as you can on your way home so people will still want to be near you. 

Walking is basically impossible in this heat, so always take a taxi. 

Jelly shoes will not only bring back your 90's nostalgia, but are also protected against sweat, dirt, and melting skin. 

Another shoe option is a pair of white sneakers to deflect the sun and help you to run to the nearest air conditioned building quickly. 

Overalls are the go-to for any apocalypse related event and heat waves are no exception.  

In this heat it is important to release your anger while ironically wearing a 'smile' shirt. 

On really hot days, you probably won't even have the effort to change out of your pajamas, so just go out in them.  Trust me, everyone is doing it. 

Cutouts are important to release excess heat from your overheated body.   

So there you have it; everything you will need to wear, eat, and do in order to survive the summer 2013 apocalyspe: the heat wave.  If you are reading this from somehwere in the world that is currently experiencing colder temperatures, these tips may not help, but please come here and take me back with you! 

Hope you are having a great week!

xo, Sophie


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Field of Dreams

Madewell tee shirt, maxi skirt, and shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, House of Harlow 1960 necklace, Anthropologie bangles

When it's this hot, I find that all I want to do it slip on a maxi skirt.  And I am quite angered because each time I do so, it seems someone tries to stop me.  Due to my almost laughable shortness (nearly 5'2 is actually an accomplishment when you look at my 4'10 mother), it seems everyone in the universe is on a mission to stop me from wearing a maxi.  

When I first tried on this skirt in the store, the saleswomen ran over to me with a mini-version of the same exact skirt and attempted to persuade me to buy that one instead for about three minutes, then stood at the register horrified when I went with my original choice to go long. Upon first wear, the skirt obviously garnered me some odd looks in my high school halls, but I had nearly made it through the day with no comments until eighth period when someone questioned how a midget like me even found a maxi skirt that I didn't need to shorten (it's pulled up to be almost a dress).  It's gotten worn a few more times but never without either questions on why someone of my height would go through the trouble of donning such a complex garment or perhaps congratulations on having the courage to even attempt to wear a piece meant only for the vertically gifted.  

When did questioning someone's outfit choices due to their height become so commonplace?  Maxi skirts were have been pretty trendy for about a year and I would argue the majority of the female population is under 5'7", so why is it so strange that we just embrace our height and wear what we want despite it?  Discrimination against shorties in the fashion industry is inevitable at this point, but discrimination against them in the real world seems much more strange. It is true that I cannot wear this skirt the way it is meant to be worn--sitting low on my hips with some cute flats--but that hasn't stopped me yet.  I feel like most people probobly cannot pull this skirt off properly, so it shouldn't be that shocking.  In my (usually wrong) opinion, this outfit looks pretty awesome in these shots and I am beating the summer heat, so why is everyone so interested in my height? I'll wear what I want, and they will just have to deal with it. 

I often wonder if the fashion industry will ever be accepting of those who are vertically challenged or if I will have to just go my whole life in 7" Jimmy Choo's...not that that would be so bad...

Hope you are having a great week!

xo, Sophie