Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seasonally Confused

Free People dress, Topshop jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs booties, 3.1 Philip Lim for Target bag, Banana Republic headband

A few more quick shots from my upcoming fall lookbook video! I'm actually so excited to share it. These were taken in an unseasonably warm Union Square park, just by my dorm building (and I should probably say again that they were taken by my fantastic boyfriend who loves getting shoutouts on the internet). It was actually so difficult to get onto this ledge that he had to hoist me up like a child (in the chicest way possible). 

This is my absolute go to fall dress because I feel like, much like NYC's weather at the moment, it's a bit confused. It's meant to be a sweater but it's made of cotton so it's not that warm but it's still cozy but it's pretty short and has white lace which is sorta summery but it looks cute with boots and a jacket in the winter.  Basically everything you could ever want in a fall dress. I toughened it up with an army jacket and moto boots and you can now find me walking around the city in this outfit until winter comes (I wore it again today oops). 

Yay for blogging more frequently!

Sophie Rose 

Monday, October 27, 2014


Anthropologie top, Free People jeans, Sam Edelman booties, Madewell bag and bracelet, Urban Outfitters necklace

So, uh, hi. Hey there. Hello. What's up? How are you? Long time no blog. 

Just to catch you up since we last spoke, I now live in New York City. I live right near this park where these photos were taken. And they were taken by my lovely boyfriend when he came to visit me last weekend at school (I go to NYU by the way). For the last two months I have spent most of my time in the library, but I have also been working on my YouTube channel as much as I can while at school. So that's been my life (thrilling, I know), how are you doing?

This has been my go-to fall outfit the last few weeks, as it is freezing in the morning and insanely hot by the afternoon.  This is the first of four blog posts that will lead up to a super awesome lookbook video I'm working on, so I hope you guys are excited for that! I'll speak to you soon (I promise this time).