Monday, October 28, 2013

Rosy Cheeks

Ah, the joys of illness.  I shot these photos yesterday and I have a pretty bad cold.  I didn't realize just how flushed my cheeks were until I was editing these, but I now see that it sort of looks like I just really don't know how to use blush properly.  I have actually never worn blush, because my skin is quite pink already, and being sick has just enhanced that so much! I think the pink cheeks look sort of cute with this dress though, which I got last week at the Teen Vogue Topshop event and have been looooovvviiinnggg.  This is the outfit that I wore to the "graduation" of TVFU. I am actually planning on my next blog post being all about Teen Vogue Fashion University event (including a video featuring the seminar speakers I saw, like Alexa Chung and Coco Rocha), and I am very excited to share the experience with all of you!  
Also, thank you so much to everyone who has watched my Youtube video so far, it has a lot of views and it really means a lot! Have a great week. 

xo, Sophie


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reader Request! How To: The Messy Fishtail Braid

So, this post is going to be a bit different from what I usually do.  I have been wearing quite a lot of fishtail braids lately, as you can tell, and they have pretty much been my go-to hairstyle every day since swim team season has started and my hair is constantly wet.  A couple of weeks ago, a reader of my blog asked me to make a tutorial on how I make my fishtail braids.  I know there are already a lot of other braid tutorials online, but I guess this reader really likes the way I do mine specifically, so I have decided to attempt to make a tutorial. I have never made a video before, so this certainly took me a while to figure out, but I think I may have made something that will help you out if you are struggling to make a fishtail braid. 

I was originally planning on talking you through the steps in this video, but after I filmed it, it seemed kind of long and boring, so I have decided to just show you with little descriptions to keep it nice and short.  In case my video isn't enough help, some videos that have helped me include those by ZoellaCupcakes and CashmereInto The Gloss, and A Beautiful Mess.  If you like my video and maybe want to see some other videos (I once had someone ask me to show them how I scrunch my hair into little curls without heat), please leave me a comment on here or over on my video/subscribe to my channel to let me know that you would like to see more videos.  I would really appreciate any feedback you have for me as I am obviously new to this (I even uploaded the video a couple of days before I wrote this to make sure I could do it properly!)  Enjoy! 

Some time next week I am going to do a post with a bunch of pictures and videos from my experience at Teen Vogue Fashion University, which I can not wait to share with you! Have a great week:)

xo, Sophie 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hey Mickey You're So Fine

Urban Outfitters tee and beanie, Madewell jeans, Ash sneakers, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Before you say anything, I know I haven't posted anything in seventeen days and I know that that is terrible blogger etiquette and I apologize.  I could give you the same spiel about having school work and college applications and swim meets and clubs and blah blah blah but you have already heard that enough times so instead I'll just lie and say my laptop was epically but tragically stolen by a technologically savvy monkey whilst I was traveling on a safari in North Africa and I have since gotten a new one and so the blog posts will continue from now on.  

Back to the photos. Am I the only one who prefers men's tee shirts?  I got this one in the guy's section of Urban Outfitters and it is the softest tee I have ever worn.  Plus it was like a third of the price of a similar women's version and twice the cool.  It's unfair really.  Usually I stick to my men's purchases online to avoid stares, but this time I walked right over to the men's tees and picked up this shirt with the utmost of confidence (I may be leaving out the part where I checked to make sure no one was staring at me and how I scurried away awkwardly whilst hiding the tee).  Baby steps, people. 

Also, you can't tell, but these jeans are actually black-coated denim, and I am pretty sure they are the coolest pants I have ever bought.  Madewell, you have once again roped me in and my bank account has yet to forgive you.  I also never got to explain the madness I experienced trying to get some of the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection but, among other things, I managed to get not just this faux Pashli bag, but also a boom! sweater, so I basically won the lottery of Target collections.  Not to brag or anything, but I am pretty proud of what I acquired considering the wrath of hungry Ebay sellers desperately fighting with me for the entirety of the collection. 

I must get back to my dreaded essays now but I will hopefully post again later this week.  I have not forgotten about the fishtail braid tutorial request, so that may be coming soon (fingers crossed I can figure out how to properly edit and upload a video).  Thanks for sticking with me through this hectic time in my life! 

xo, Sophie 

p.s. Sorry these shots are a bit dark and blurry but I desperately wanted to post something today!