Friday, November 30, 2012

The Decision

To be honest, I didn't see that coming, and I don't think he would be my first choice for the house.  

While I am a massive fan of Wang-like the rest of the world-I just can't picture him at the helm of a house like Balenciaga.  And he (or anyone for that matter) is going to have a tough time following Nicolas Ghesquière, the beloved designer of Balenciaga for the past 15 years.  The departure of Ghesquière from the fashion house occured today; the end of an era.  In my opinion, while both brands emulate a similar feeling of cool, Balenciaga seems a little couture-ish for Wang, the king of streetwear.

In any case I love Wang and his brand and I can't wait to see what he can accomplish at Balenciaga.  He might aid in making the brand a little more relatable, which I think it can use.  I hope he can maintain all of his current amazingness!  

I'm not sure how I feel about the decision at this point.  Will Wang be able to handle both his namesake lable and a brand as major and influential as Balenciaga? I guess we will have to wait and see. What do you think of the decision? 

xo, Scatter Girl

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sans the Flower Crown

How was everyone's cyber monday? I for one had a blast shopping from the comfort of my home instead of being trampled at my local Target over a tv (or bike or xbox or sewing machine, etc.) that neither I nor anyone else actually wanted but felt compelled to purchase in the spirit of Black Friday.  I also loved not having to make rash decisions on my purchases; I added things to my cart, took a break to eat or do homework or whatever, and it was all waiting for me when I returned to the monitor (unlike the memories of clutching onto an item in-store for the fear a fellow bargain-hunter may try to snatch it away before I have even decided if I like it)!  Once all of my orders arrive later in the week I will do a post on my fabulous finds.  

Now, back to today's post. I realize that wearing even a single item of clothing more than once in a blog post is a major blogger faux pas, but bear with me here as I explain. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post regarding my despise of current party dressing options, opting instead for a certain Free People polka dot dress.  This dress is one of my favorites because of its versitility. As you may have gathered by now, in this post I will show you how I have casualized (is that a word?) this very dress.  I bet I had you all fooled before thinking it was only for fancy events!  Since I realized that one could not appreciate each item of this outfit in a picture when worn all at once, I have broken it down for you:

Madewell striped top, Under Armour bike shorts (I'm very glamorous). 

Free People polka dot dress.

Madewell chambray shirt.

Vintage Levi's denim jacket (stolen from my mom).  Gosh I'm so short.

The final look.  Dolce Vita chelsea booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch.

I wore this very outfit to school yesterday.  I get a lot of grief from my friends about wearing dresses and such to school, and this outfit garnered a particular amount of attention due to it's lacking of rain gear in the current state of New York's ever fickle weather (we had a slight snow storm yesterday). I decided to go against all my amazing rainy day suggestions and wear whatever I wanted (take that mother nature!) 

Instead of the black tights, heels, and the flower crown of my previous outing in this dress, I opted for cute chelsea booties, a striped top to get that mixed prints feel, a chambray shirt, and a vintage jacket that unbeknownst to existed in my mom's closet, having not been worn until yesterday in around 30 years.  I can't believe she never mentioned it (and all it's fabulousness) to me! 

I fear I may be boring you with my constant presentation of clothing choices from Free People and Madewell. Maybe after I take my first SAT this Saturday (insert irrational sobs here), I can get some much need retail therapy. 

So here I am, going against all the rules they tell you when you start a blog about repeating outfits, and I'm not even a month in! But maybe it's okay because I'm only repeating the dress not the outfit? 

Which do you like better: dressed up or down?  Happy Wednesday! 

xo, Scatter Girl 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dream Come True: Dannijo Opens a Pop-Up Shop

It's sad that this is one of the best things to ever happen in my life.  

Those of you who know me understand my obsession with the brand Dannijo, the amazing costume jewelry brand created by the stunning sisters Danielle and Jodie Synder.  I have such a love for the brand, my first ever blog post was all about it!  So you can understand my excitement when the folloing took place: 

On November 17, Dannijo opened a pop-up shop in Nolita on 27 Prince Street previously occupied by the original Ray's Pizza, though you would never know it. The small store features pieces from several of the brand's collections, as well as their iphone cases, pieces only sold in-store, and a couple of pieces from Parisian clothing brands.   

The store is centered around a massive chandelier covered in the brand's signiture bib necklaces.  At first I was a bit saddened that the bibs were exclusive to the chandelier and not on any of the display tables...until I realized you can shop right from the lighting fixture itself!  Another cool store feature: the designers are constantly popping in and you can chat with them while you shop!

Yesterday, in honor of black friday, everything in the store was 20% off.  I am usually not one to hit up black friday sales (I am scared of being trampled at the mall), but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shop my favorite jewelry brand at a great discount! So I bolted into NYC to get my hands on an exclusive piece to add to my Dannijo collection. 

The one downside: the store is closing December 31! I can only hope that the store's success promts the sisters to open a full on permanent store front.  Here are some shots of the shop: 

This incredible bib chandelier is the store's main feature. 

Me shopping! Jeans: Free People, top: BCBGeneration, necklace: Dannijo

The way the sisters display their designs at fashion week is on these "Femme bots": mannequins covered in their jewels!  

My score: a stunning brass necklace exclusive to the store! 

Prior to my extremely successful Dannijo visit, I skated in Bryant Park with my camp friend, Rachel.  Bryant Park is one of my favorite spots in all of NYC, especially in the winter when I can skate for free and shop the kiosks! Here are some of my favorite pics from the day:

Sunrise from the rink

Me and Rachel.

I highly reccomend the Crepe Cafe kiosk for lunch: our crepes were amazing!

O, New York, how I love thee.

Can't wait to show you all my cyber monday scores! 

xo, Scatter Girl


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Casual Wednesday

Just a quick post of my outfit of the day.  I'm running around all day today preparing for Thanksgiving, so I just needed a comfy look.  Despite all of the things I have to get done, I have somehow managed to spend the day thus far roaming around the internet on sites like ChoiesAsos, and Topshop for holiday sales (anyone else excited for cyber monday?).  I'll be posting a collage of my finds later in the week.  Although my friends laugh that this look is what I consider "comfy" and "casual" because it includes a dress and heavy necklace, I maintain it has very cozy qualities: 

I'm starting to make a habit of this smiling thing.  Dress: Free People, sweater: Madewell, flats: Tory Burch, necklace: Dannijo.  My wrists got a day off today.

So excited for Thanksgiving! I can't wait for the parade.  I went once when I was little but have not been since. I think my parents determined we can be just as festive watching on our flat screen while eating waffles in the living room instead of freezing in a giant crowd of tourists at 4 in the morning; I guess I have to agree with them.  Happy Thanksgiving!

xo, Scatter Girl

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pretending to be French

J'adore la France!  C'est très belle, la nourriture est incroyable, et la ville a beaucoup d'art et des musées. La ville a histoire fascinante, et je manque de mon voyage à Paris tous les jours. 

Today was a very french day.  I had a major French test, so I wore a shirt I purchased in Paris a few years ago because I thought that wearing a French shirt would somehow increase my abilities to speak the language; I don't think it worked (c'est tres mal). I also decided to take a cue from The Man Repeller and the bloggers of Europe and smile in my pictures while looking at the camera (a first for moi).

I rarely mix prints, but I decided to try out the trend in a more subtle way with this outfit:   

One shot looking down never hurt anyone! Top: Kookai, jeans: Free People, booties: Lucky Brand, watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, bow bracelet: Dannijo, other assorted bracelets and rings: Anthropologie, Madewell, my mom, vintage. 

The Frenchiness of the day got me missing my trip to Paris in 2010.  The experience was the best one I have ever had; I could live in that city for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy.  Here are some of my favorite things from my trip:

Your could stop pretty much anywhere and have the background of your picture be stunning, even if it's not actually anything of importance: La Seine. 

There are people drawing everywhere. If I were to face the shot in my direction you would've seen five more people just like this one: Notre Dame.

It looks even prettier at night: La Seine.

Me and Mona.  There were about 100 people trying to get as close as possible to this painting and it took about ten minutes to crawl my way to the front. Honestly, I really expected it to be bigger: Le Musée du Louvre.

The rain only adds to the beauty of the city. There is nothing much better than Paris in the rain: Le Musée du Louvre/ Le Jardin de Tuileries.

There is an entire museum built around Monet's water lilies: Le Musée de Ll'orangerie.

La Tour Eiffel.  Need I explain?  

Baguettes.  You can eat as many as you want and not get fat because all you do is walk all day: Near Moulin Rouge.

Shopping on the most famous street in the world.  The Louis Vuitton store seemed to be about 7 floors though maybe it only seemed that way because I got lost.  It was like a dream: L'Avenue des Champs Élysées. 

So the moral of this post? Everything is better when you live in Paris. Though I don't want to sell New York short.  It deserves some glory too, but I guess Paris is just a nice change every now and then.  Also, wearing French clothes does not improve the way one comprehends the language.  It was a nice thought though.  I liked mixing prints; I may even try it again sometime.  

I leave you with an adorable shot of me and my new dog Roxie.  Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen!?

xo, Scatter Girl


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Missing Summer

I never thought I would say this, but, here goes: I really miss summer dressing.  That felt wrong to say.  In the past, I have always been (and still am) a much bigger fan of winter due to its allowance of layering and being able to wear tights with dresses and jeans with booties (and also because I am allergic to the sun, but not the point).  As the temperatures cool off here in New York post Sandy I am shocked to discover myself missing the heat and the outfit choices that accompany it.  

Here is an outfit from this past summer. I wore it to the city for a family trip to the Metripolitan Museum of Art. I have a family of art history majors so we go pretty frequently to lots of museums, especially when we travel. The Met is one of my favorites because I feel like every time I go I find some hidden room that I've never noticed before. Also, the roof has a gorgeous view of the city:    

This may be the first and last time I ever look tan in a shot coutesy of my 9 hour days as a lifeguard over the summer. Madewell romper, Levi's denim vest, Jeffery Campbell flats, Dannijo bib necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Ralph Lauren sungalsses.  I really love this picture because of the vibrant colors. 

This visit to the Met was to see the Elsa Schiapparelli and Muccia Prada exhibit.  This being said, I felt slightly obligated to wear a colorful print to pay homage to Muccia.  The exhibit was beautifully done, but the Alexander McQueen exhibit of last summer was pretty hard to top.

All this summer reminising has made me extra excited for my trip to Florida next month! My wedges could use a day out on the town after their long nap.  Still, I really do prefer the versitility of winter clothes. Do you have a preference?

Well I am off to take a practice SAT-should be a good time!

xo, Scatter Girl   


Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's Trending

This was my outfit from Wednesday.  I tried to pick out some of my favorite trends and throw all of them into one outfit to see what happens.  The end result: 

Trend 1. A chambray shirt.  Mine from Madewell is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple for so many, both on the runways and the streets.  It's easy, it goes with everything, and it's so comforable. If you don't already own one I suggest you buy one immediately from your closest Madewell because I, along with many others, have determined that that store has the best ones for the cheapest prices. Here is some great chambray inspiration:

Trend 2.  Floral jeans. Printed jeans in general are another big trend of the moment. There are some great options available at Shopbop and Net-a-Porter.  I have 2 other pants of the printed variety-polka dot and white floral-and I have to say they are way more fun than regular pants, more current, and cooler than wearing the prints on a top, scarf, etc.

Trend 3.  The infamous wedge sneaker à la Isabel Marant:

These sneakers started a sneaker revolution in which all sneakers are no longer created equal; those inserted with a hidden wedge have the power to add height, produce slimming qualities, and promote comfort like no shoe before it has done.  My sneaker is Ash because I would be kidding myself if I thought I could afford the Marant version (I'm pretty sure it's sold out worldwide and there is a waiting list anyway). 

Trend 4.  The white t-shirt.  It's making a comeback I tell ya.  I'm not really sure it ever left but I have been seeing it more prominantly as of late and it is being reintroduced in new ways.  Mine hails from, you guessed it, Madewell!  I like that it's not stark white otherwise it would match my albino skin.    

My jewelry isn't really a trend, more so a personal attempt to have more skin covered in gold than not.  I feel I have been somewhat successful in that mission.  Bangles: Anthropologie.  Bow: Mr. Dannijo.  Skull bracelet: Urban Outfitters.  Blue detail bracelet: Madewell. Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Necklace pretending to be a bracelet: vintage. Ring: Forever 21.  I'm also wearing 3 necklaces, 2 other bracelets, 2 other rings, and 4 earrings but they aren't really relavent here so you will most likely see them at a later date.  I might have a jewelry problem...

I encourage all of you to go out an incorporate trends into your current everyday staples.  They allow you to have fun with fashion and if you don't like one, it changes 6 months later anyway!

xo, Scatter Girl

Someone pointed out to me that I always look down in pictures, and I think I choose those shots because it is more flattering.  I just look so damn awkward when I look at the camera-any tips on fixing this?!

Monday, November 12, 2012

On Party Dressing

I always find dressing for parties to be quite a challenge, given where I live.  The norm these days (at least on Long Island) is tight dresses that could definitely pass for a top if worn with jeans, chunky, sparkly heels that young girls must scurry across the room in because they can't walk properly due to the hight, and a mask of makeup that makes one's face virtually unrecognizable.  I would never follow these "rules" for party dressing, which poses a problem when choosing what to wear when actually invited to a party (which is not often but that's not the point).

This particular party was a family friend's bar mitzvah last Saturday, but the fact that the majority of the guests were 13 only made the dresses shorter (some kids actually wore "fancy" shorts: someone please explain to me when those became acceptable for bar mitzvahs) and the heels more ridiculous.  I chose to go with a different approach:

I would say I succeeded in achieving pretty much the opposite of what the dress code for bar/bat mitzvahs entail.  I started with some black tights by Hue.  I think tights are such a great invention except for the fact that they rip nearly every time you wear them.  Next, I put on a Forever 21 t-shirt with ruched sleeves, because, what are sleeves if not ruched? Ponder over that question as I continue.

The dress is Free People, inspired by a certain Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 affinity for polka dots.  While I realize 2011 isn't exactly current, I figure Marc Jacobs never goes out of style so neither do his fabulous polka dots. 

Over to the accoutrements.  I really could've chosen any combination of the accessories I own and it would have worked just as well, another bonus to this outfit.  The shoes are Boutique 9 and these photos really don't do them justice.  Though I don't want to choose my favorite child, I have a secret preference for these booties because they make me very tall, go with everything, and are suede with leather laces.  Any shoe with leather laces gets automatic favoritism in my book.  

The necklace is also Free People.  Can you tell I like that brand? I think it's really unique looking and also the "chain" is actually a piece of suede so it doesn't turn your neck green! (major bonus for a person who wears copious amounts of brass around their neck on a regular basis). 

Various arm candy includes: Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Anthropologie bangles, Urban Outfitters skull bracelet, and lots of fine jewlery.  

Last but certainly not least, a Cult Gaila flower crown circa Dolce and Gabbana FW/12.  It's sorta my new obsession but I feel like it doesn't quite belong in any situation (school and such).  Thoughts?  Maybe I should just not care and wear it wherever I want every day of the week because it makes me feel like a princess, and that is what's important. 

How do you-whoever you are-handle the dilemma of party dressing? Would you rock a flower crown?

xo, Scatter Girl

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Trend Rises Up

Get it?  That title was meant to be a pun but I don't suspect you'll follow prior to reading this, so I really should change it, but o well it's already there so...

These storms have now caused me to miss 7 days of school total.  This has given me plenty of time to catch up on various tv shows on my laptop (still no power).  While watching these shows I noticed a similarity: Sarah Jessica Parker (Glee) and Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) both sported diamond pheonix necklaces.  I was astounded as just last week I bought an extrodinarily similar one for $12.80 from Forever 21; the one SJP wore on Glee is $830!  This promted me to do more research and I have conluded that a phoenix trend is among us:

Clockwise from top: Shourouk phoenix necklace, Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the Shorouk necklace on Glee, Zara necklace (great price), Anthropologie beaded version, Shourouk cuff, Blake Lively wearing the shortened version of the Shourouk necklace, the shortened Shourouk necklace, and a Lanvin art deco interpretation (my favorite).

The phoenix, in classical mythology, represents a unique bird that lives for five or six centuries, burns itself in a funeral of sorts, and then rises from the ashes renewed with youth to live through another cycle of centuries; no wonder it's a popular accessory! 

Here I am in my Forever 21 version: 

I think it's almost identical to the one Lively is wearing; it was a pretty damn good bargain if you ask me.  It's no longer available on the site, but I bought it last week in the store so it's probobly still there if your dying to emulate a bird rising from the dead, which I recommend you do immediately. 

By now I hope you have realized that my title refers to a phoenix rising from the ashes; get it now? Thanks for listening to me today. See you soon!

xo, Scatter Girl


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On Rainy Days

I think the environment is rebelling.  

Hurricanes in New York, blizzards in Brazil, and heat waves in Russia.  Now there is a gas shortage and practically a blizzard!  Maybe the Mayans were on to something with the world ending...

I mean I STILL don't have power! (9 days and counting).

The hardest decision that must be made when there is a mixture of torrential downpour and massive snowflakes?

...What to wear of course! (I know I'm so predictable). 

I find rainy days particularly hard to dress for because there are a limited number of shoe options, umbrellas are a tad impractical for school, and I'm pretty sure I don't own one item of clothing with a hood, other than my old sweatshirts from bat mitzvahs past, which, trust me, you don't want to make an appearance on a fashion blog anytime soon. 

So I find my only shoe options are rain boots (not super surprising).  But rain boots can still be chic right...?

large image viewlarge image view

Well they're not a hopeless cause.  I've been looking for the perfect pair of leather riding boots and stumbled upon these on the left, which I have since declared my dream rain boot.  They are a unique color (described as Anthracite by Bloomingdales), have a tall shaft (lengthening for short people like moi), and have a totally useless buckle on the side, the stamp of a good riding boot.  Shop here

Unfortunately, I just cannot fathom spending $450 on rain boots, which can really only be worn on special occassions such as the lovely 'nor easter blowing through New York at present.  So I forced myself to succumb to the shoe of choice at my school and buy a pair of Hunters, at right. They just don't have that same cool factor that the Ralph Lauren ones have, but these are the prices we pay to eat and whatnot. The ones I own are actually more of a gray-appaarently they were shipped to Bloomingdales black like the ones above but chipped over time and have an awesome crackle affect.  At a relatively reasonable $135 (I got mine on sale for $80), they do their job and are still cuter than any alternative rain footwear. Shop here

As far as jackets, a trench coat is always great if your dying to emulate a put together city dweller and/or character from a spy movie (perfect with the new James Bond movie coming out); however, it's again not so practical for school. So until the time comes that I actually am a put together city dweller or the new bond girl (doubtful), I decided a cute Free People puffer coat would suffice.  It's lightweight, has cute details all over it, and, though not explicitly sold as a rain jacket, waterproof. 

Nylon Swing Puffer Jacket
Nylon Swing Puffer Jacket

Still no hood, but who really needs one anyway? 

If you are planning on walking outside extensively, then you will have to get a chic umbrella; it would be just wrong to have a generic one. 

For those with unlimited budgets, I would highly recommend these Felix Ray umbrellas from Shopbop (the cheetah one is on sale!).  They will go with and enhance any outfit so much that you may want to remain holding it once you go inside just because your outfit would not be the same without it.  

A more affordable option here

Who says rainy days can't be just as stylish as any other day? Enjoy the storm!

xo, Scatter Girl