Monday, February 25, 2013

A Quick Getaway

If you follow any of my various social media sites (see above), or read my last post, you may have been very jealous to know that last week I escaped the remnants of storm Nemo and went to Florida to visit my grandparents.  The below outfit is a variation of what I wore in my five days there (it would have been longer but my February break got cancelled, shoutout to Superstorm Sandy).  It was a little cold there for shorts (it actually was 45 degrees one day which is like the arctic tundra for Florida), so I pretty much lived in Free People dresses (what else is new?).  

Also, it must be noted that I am completely obsessed with all things denim and slightly vintage looking, cue the Levi's vest.  I have a few vintage Levi jackets from my mom and dad, and I finally got my own at an Urban Outfitters sale.  Thoughts? 

Free People dress, Levi's denim vest, Jeffery Campbell shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, watch, and ring, J.Crew belt, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Anthropologie bangles, all other jewelry is vintage. 

Hope everyone had a slightly bearable Monday! 

xo, Sophie 


Monday, February 18, 2013

Owl Be Seeing You

...Anyone get the The Notebook reference?  I watched it for about the fiftieth time yesterday.  I know it's cliché but I just never get tired of the romance!  The owl is in reference to my sweater...

So I haven't posted anything in around a week and a half and it feels more like a year!  Sorry for the lack of posts; as you may know there was a blizzard on the east coast last weekend and that kind of hurt my ability to take outfit shots.  In my area of New York there was certainly over a foot of snow; because of the drifts there were several feet in many places!  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a rather ridiculous looking photo of me playing in the snow; something about it makes me act like a child! 

Anyway, I am currently back in Florida to once again visit my grandparents.  Since I arrived, it has been practically freezing with massive winds; clearly the cold weather follows me.  However, the wind and rain provided the perfect opportunity to spend hours at the LF sale.  For those who don't know, there is a store called LF that has a major sale once a year where everything in the store is 60% off, and it is absolute madness.  They have stores in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Boca Raton, Boston, Dallas, and the Hamptons.  Everyone who can should check out this sale it's amazing.  I definitely cannot go shopping for a while after this one!

I wore this outfit to dinner last night after it finally warmed up enough for me to wear a skirt.  Also, here are a few shots I took while shopping along Atlantic Avenue yesterday.  It is a beautiful street that leads to Delray Beach.  

QED London sweater, Kiwi Tucker skirt, and metal flower headband from LF, Madewell flats, Dannijo hoop earrings, Prabal Gurung for Target chrome bracelet, Michael Kors watch. 

I was so excited to find this skirt at the sale so I could finally tap into the leather-for-all-seasons trend happening right now.  I would have loved to wear red lipstick with this but I forgot to pack it (despite my overpacking tendencies).  It is so beautiful here I don't want to go back to the cold and school! 

Sidenote: I have been wanting to invest in a really good camera; any suggestions? 

xo, Sophie 


Thursday, February 7, 2013


A major throwback hit me this week.  And it wants to party like it's 1999.   

Relatively, I am pretty new to twitter.  Officially, I have been on the site since summer 2011, but I really haven't used it at all up until last november, when I started this blog.  In the past few months, I have noticed that a great deal of tweets are dedicated to things related to the nineties, often using hashtags along the lines of "90s kids probs".  There is even an account (I am sure there are hundreds but this one happens to be popular) completely dedicated to the problems of girls concieved in that decade (it's called 90s girl problems and it has almost 629 thousand followers).  These hashtags are ever more popular on thursday of course, due to the overwhelming amount of adorable "hashtag throwback thursday" shots featuring toddlers in overalls and tutus, faces covered in chocolate, with arms around their sibling's neck (these are my favorite kinds of throwbacks).

Born in 1996, I am on the late side of the 90s kids group.  And yet, I find obsessive tweets surrounding the Olsen sisters, Spice Girls lyrics, Cabbage Patch Kids, butterfly clips, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, tamagotchi's, polly pockets, the always scary and recently revived furby craze, and countless others (I really could go on forever) to be so relavent to my life I cannot help but hit that retweet button.  Despite the incesent questions from adults, I do indeed remember CD players and VCR's (in fact, I had them until I was passed childhood) and that yes, I do know what record players and telephones with cords look like. So thanks for the memories @90sgirlproblem.

Another 90s occurence this week is something my school refers to as "Sports Night", which is essentially a color war (if you went to camp) between the juniors and the seniors (in which the seniors win nine times out of ten because it is just common courtesy).  There are games and competitions and scavenger hunts and things of that nature.  The two grades also have themes, and the theme for the juniors this year is The 90s.  To me, this doesn't really make sense because the seniors were also born in the 90s, so it doesn't really seperate us from them at all.  Needless to say, I was not a member of the theme picking comittee, nor will I be attending sports night (most of the school doesn't as we have a massive lack of spirit), and so all in all it does not really affect me other than the fact that all over the halls are references to songs, shows, and catch phrases of the 90s. 
Up until recently, I have always despised clothes from the time period.  Most of the shots in my photo albums (age 0-4) consist of adults in ill-fitting shorts and way-too-high socks (the guys), or sloppy overalls and scrunchies (the girls). But last year, I had a revelation.  Within a years time, I watched every episode of Saved by the Bell, Friends, and Sex and the City.  They completely changed my view of 90s fashion.  I have come to admire the cool grunge feeling and the no cares attitude.  Of course, not all of the 90s reflect this, but I am generalizing.  

I came across a particularly interesting photo last month that sparked the outfit below, worn last week before the bitter snow that never ends decended upon new york (not that I am complaining-it is really pretty).  I no longer have the photo because I idiotically didn't save it or even pin it to a pinterest board, but it basically looks exactly like the outfit below minus the baseball cap and plus a jacket.  90s characteristics to note are the plaid tied around the waist (such a big trend right now), the white tee, loose-fitting jeans, and moto boots. So now that I have once again managed to ramble on for four paragraphs more that I originally planned, I present my throwback to the 90s outfit:  

Madewell tee, plaid shirt, and bracelets, Free People jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, bag, and watch, Dannijo bow bracelet, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, flee market hat. 

Side note: I wore this shopping last week and the saleswoman in the Madewell store said I was implimenting her favorite kind of outfit: all Madewell and Free People.  We bonded and I was offered a job which I subsequently could not accept because I did not meet the "you must be 18 to work here" prerequisit.  She said to try again in two years. 

How was everyone else's thowback thursday? 

xo, Sophie

Monday, February 4, 2013

All You Need Is...

Insert the word love here to complete my title. 

February 14th is around the corner and it is a very big day for me this year.  As you all know (unless you are hopelessly denying it's existance), the 14th is Valentine's day.  The students of my high school are often reminded of this fact by the various posters asking us to support the cheerleading team by buying our loved ones some flowers, the cheerleaders eagerly trying to sell them to us in the cafeteria, and let's not forget the constant reminders on our twitter feeds that we are still alone, like last year.  Also, on the actual day, groups of all-girl singers and all-boy singers go around the school singing to people who were either lucky enough to have someone buy them a singing Valentine or someone who's friends sent one as a joke.  I will be neither (hopefully), and so, in the end, Valentine's day is not really why February 14th is important to me this year.  I will just be one the many singles trying not to be cynicial amidst everyone else's happiness.  

The second occurrence on that day is one of my best friends' birthdays.  It is unfortunate that her special day coincides with what so many other people consider to be their special day, but we will celebrate in the one class we have together and pray that she doesn't have five tests that day.  Also unfortunate is that it's not a weekend, plus we are junior's, so we may not be celebrating it at all.  17 isn't really that important of an age anyway, right?  

The third thing happening on February 14th is the return of my SAT scores.  Cue emotional breakdown and anxious rant here.  These will actually be my second SAT scores that I have recieved, so fingers crossed I am not as nervous this time around. 

Overall, you can see February 14th will be a very special day, and though I usually stray away from wearing anything with hearts or pink or lace on that day, I think it is important for me to surround myself with as much love as possible on such a depressing day.  Which leads me to this outfit, in which I wear a blouse covered in hearts with what appear to be a bordeaux-colored pair of pants but are in actuality a dark purple pair.  Do note that the top is from Paris, increasing my love for it by around five thousand percent.  Also noteworthy: my new dreamy Marc Jacobs boots.  I could likely wear them everyday for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy.  And now that I have sufficiently told you all of my problems, enjoy some outfit pictures:

Kookai blouse, Daughters of the Liberation pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, bag, and Daisy Perfume ring, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Madewell and vintage rings.

Yes, my ring has perfume in it, and yes, the wind did blow it open as that shot was being taken.  The ring really looks much more appealing closed, I promise.

Anyone else got special Valentine's day plans? Or am I the only cynical one here?

xo, Sophie