Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alaska Photo Diary (part 1)

Last week I went on a cruise to Alaska, but it didn't exactly go as planned.  On the third day one of the boat's engines stopped working so we had to return to the first port.  We ended up being stuck there for the remainder of the trip and they had to fly us out of the port on charter planes.  While we didn't get to do some of the things we wanted to (whale watching, glacier hikes, etc.), we tried to make the most of our time stuck in the port of Ketchikan, Alaska.  I managed to get some beautfiul photos from the ship and some of our excursions off the boat as well, but this is just part 1.  Next year, I will be going on a cruise back to Alaska to actually go to all four ports, so part 2 will be in august 2014!  Enjoy my (sort of) Alaska photo diary.  

Some shots from the boat as we pulled out of Vancouver:

From the balcony of my parents' room before dinner:

On the balcony before dinner on formal night:

Downtown Ketchikan: 

My dad and I went zip lining on our first day in port, however it was raining a lot, so these two photos are from the website of the zip lining company.  We went down 8 zip lines and 2 suspension bridges, and we saw a massive bear as well.  They gave us a medal at the end for our bravery! 

On the second day, my brother and dad went on a hike up a huge mountain, so my mom and I decided to go on a slightly less strenuous hike.  It was about 2 miles and so beautiful. 

We were quite jealous of this cruise ship as it moved towards the next port:

Before dinner night 3:

We didn't do much on day 3.  We just walked around town and explored.  

On the final night before they ended the cruise early and flew us all out, we ate at a restaurant on the ship called Qsine.  It was super cool and modern, as we ordered the dishes off an ipad.  Everything was served in small portions so we ended up ordering probably over ten dishes total, plus desert!  

How to order desert:

I cannot wait to share part 2 of this trip in a year! 

xo, Sophie