Monday, December 31, 2012

Twenty Twelve

2012 has been a pretty great year for me.  I got my first job, attended my first real fashion show (Marc Jacobs SS13), met some of my heros at Fashion's Night Out, and finally started a blog! 

I have only been a blogger since November, having finally been given the time to sit down and create one thanks to Superstorm Sandy (the only good thing to come out of that storm), but I thought it would be nice to round up my outfits from the past two short months as my last blog post of 2012. I want to thank everyone who follows me and posts all of the sweet comments; I really appreciate them even if they are only to promote your own blogs!  I hope to continue to grow as a blogger and as a person in 2013 as much as I have in 2012. 

I don't really have any specific resolutions, because I think that they create an unatainable standard and we end up failing ourselves.  I have big goals, of course (get into college), but I prefer to start small (gain more blog followers).  I really just want to become a better person in 2013. Happy new year!

Grouping these pictures has made me realize I really need some more shoes! And now for my corny signoff: See ya next year!  

xo, Scatter Girl

Friday, December 28, 2012

Florida Blues

Back from Florida and I actually miss it!   

It was so nice to get out of the cold and as far away from my school as possible these last few days, and, as much as I love New York, I'm more than a little sad at the prospect of heading back into the dreary rut that is junior year of high school.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! 

I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in forever, and I wanted to include at least one from Florida on here. So here's a few shots that I had my grandma take while we were out shopping in Mizner Park:   

top: Madewell...shorts: Urban Jefferey Campbell...bag, watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs...necklace: H&M...sunglasses: Ralph and gold cuff...Madewell...stingray cuff and bow bracelet: Dannijo

Happy Friday:)

xo, Scatter Girl


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Adventures from the land of...

...the old Jewish people! 

Once upon a time, there was a state called Florida. In the winter time, all of the geese would fly to Florida to escape the frigid weather up north. One day, all of the Jewish grandparents decided that they wanted to know what was so great about Florida that made the geese want to go each year. So they all took a trip south, and were so enamored by it that they built several gated golf communities and stayed there permanently, playing mah-jong and lounging by the pool. And thus, the state of Florida became the new promised land for Jews over 70.

I decided to include that historically accrate representation of the elderly's migration to The Sunshine State to introduce the fact that I am spending the week visiting my grandparents in Florida, hence the lack of actual fashion blogging.  I will be back on Thrusday but until then, please enjoy my Floridian updates via my Instagram or Twitter pages.  

In order to bring this back to fashion (and because I can't take any outfit shots here), I have included some of my favorite style moments of 2012.  Most people are conjuring up their favorites from the red carpet, so I have decided to compile my best from some of my favorite fashion bloggers instead: 

It was so difficult to narrow down my favorites-and I am sure I missed many other great moments-but these shots and bloggers have been some of the most inspiring to me throughout 2012.  Who is your favorite?

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holidays! 

xo, Scatter Girl


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Pinspiration: Preparing for the End of the World

How is everyone's Thurday going? Mine for one went horrible; a perfect day-before-the-world-is-supposed-to-end day.  In case any of you live in some obscure nation that doesn't have conspirators: the world is set to end tomorrow.  The mayan calandar is ending, and thus we are too.  So we might as well live it up in our last moments:   

On this week's installement of "Thursday Inspiration" I present to you some of my pins from Pinterest from this past week that I think might be helpful in your pre-apocalyptic preparations. 

A fishtail braid is the most practical hairstyle when trying to avoid destruction. 

You should consider splurging on some Hermes to wear in your final moments. 

Overalls and oxfords present a perfect end-of-the-world outfit; comfy, practical, and you won't have to worry about pulling up your jeans or pulling down your top as you run from the inevitable meteors striking the planet. 

You might as well eat something like this. 

Take a risk in your final moments and dip-dye your hair; the aliens arriving may mistake you for one of their own. 

This might be your last chance to have that Sex and The City moment you have always wanted. 

Put on a smokey eye and smize like Cara Delevingne to seduce your crush; if they turn you down at least you will spend your last moments looking fierce. 

Watch the final episode of Gossip Girl and find out that it was indeed Joe Biden all along.  Oops I just revealed Gossip Girl to you sorry! 

For that last minute wedding that you wanted to get in before doomsday. 

Consider hopping on a plane to view the world splitting in half while sipping cafe au lait under La Tour Eiffel. 

Or maybe you would like to watch the sun set for the last time looking chic on a beach. 

Make everyone think you didn't even realize it was your last day by adopting this nonchalant look.

Consider doing this. 

So just in case my witty captions on these photos was not sufficiant indication, I am not a believer in this apocalypse, as we have already survived the past 3 that people thought would take place.  If you are a believer, enjoy your last day; I hope you found some inspiration in this post! 

O and follow me on Pinterest here!

xo, for the last time, Scatter Girl


Monday, December 17, 2012

Presenting Scattered: The Magazine

Happy monday...? This week is going to be really stressful for me and I am not looking forward to it; I have to make up 5 tests because I was sick last week, and my SAT scores are coming back Thursday, which means the world is ending friday whether the Mayans say it or not.  How have your mondays been?

Anyway I had my last class at the Fashion Institute of Technology on Saturday.  I have been taking a magazine design class for high school students there on Saturdays since October and have successfully (depending on who you ask) created my own magazine. The magazine is actually called Scattered, which is where the name for this blog came from! I am really happy with how the final product came out, so I decided to share it with you!

My articles in the magazine include a look at my favorite jewelry brand, Dannijo, a make-up and hair runway to real way page, a page featuring four of my best stacks of bracelets (those are actually shots of my arm), and a feature of shots I took of my friend Bridget in some of my jewelry.  Honestly, the magazine looks a lot better in person but I really wanted all of you to see it so ta da! I am new to photoshop so be gentle with your critiques!

The outfit I wore to FIT consists of my not-actually-Kenzo Kenzo sweater (which I am really excited about because I have been dying for it ever since seeing it all over the streets of Paris), my most comfortable, amazing, compliment-inducing jeans, my new favorite cheetahlicious (sorry I had to) bag, and favorite booties that give the illusion of me being of almost average height.  This is another one of my small attempts to mix prints, a major trend that I am trying to succeed in but am having trouble with.  What do you think?  

I have the world's best brother-he bought me this Dannijo stingray cuff for Hannukah! He knows it's my favorite brand and I have been dying for this for a year (or-more likely-he asked my mom what to get me and she suggested this)!  Either way, thanks bro!

Choies sweater, Free People jeans, Lucky Brand booties, Madewell bag, Dannijo cuff, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Urban Outfitters skull bracelet, Madewell bue and gold bracelet. 

Please let me know what you think about my magazine; I may do a second issue!  Happy Monday! 

xo, Scatter Girl

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hashtag Instagram Inspiration

So because my Thursday Pinspiration post was so popular last week, I decided each week I will do some sort of pictoral inspiration post from my PinterestInstagram, or perhaps even Tumblr if I ever really figure out how it works. 

This week, Instagram will be my social media outlet of choice.  I've had Instagram for quite some time-since February to be exact-but I acquired my obsession for it fairly recently when I realized I could follow all of my favorite bloggers, fashion designers, and magazines to recieve real-time photos from people whose lives I crave to have.  

About half the time I use Instagram to promote new blog posts, so you guys have already seen those shots.  But here are some pictures from my personal life that you can only find on my Instagram feed!

See ya next century #1212121212 #lasttime

Jewels of the day #floral #armparty #love

Having an Italian vintage kinda dayemoji

 best friend @dkrolll emoji #batmitzvah

Family day at the MET #tbt

That amazing moment when @manrepeller is sitting in front of you at the @marcjacobsintl show #manrepeller #dying #NYFW
RACHEL AND JOE emoji #rachel #zoe #joe #zee #marc #jacobs #NYFW

Pre show madness emoji #marcjacobshow #NYFW

emoji #rebeccaminkoff #saksfno #fno

Me and Oscar @oscarprgirl #oscardelarenta

Just met Judd Apatow at school! #famousalumni #socool #hesamazing

Aaron, you are an IRONMAN!! 2.4 emoji 112 emoji 26.2 emoji #siblinglove

Swim team beauties! @joannecheong @priya314 @xoxonicolehxoxo emojiemojiemojiemoji

Roxie's eyeing the candy...

Perfect day for closet cleaning #hurricane #sandy emoji

A Happy Hanukkah indeed. @marcjacobsintl #newphonecase #puppyeyes #happyhanukkah

West Village vintage loves emoji@joannachoi_

4 down, 4 to go #happyhanukkah #willyoulightmycandle

My future home on Perry Stemoji

Winter wonderlandemoji #firstsnow
Carpet in the elevator emojiemoji

Kinda missing upstate nyemoji

Typewriters > computers #nyc #inspirationalquotes

Here we go...first college touremoji #nyu

Hope you all enjoyed perusing my Instagram pics! Follow me Here.  Happy Thurday! 

xo, Scatter Girl