Monday, December 3, 2012

The Wishlist

I was reluctant at first to create a wishlist blog post, following the thousands of fashion bloggers who had done so before me in just the past few weeks, but whilst perusing the shops of the internet when I should have been doing homework, I found too many gift-worthy items that I couldn't not share them with you.  Yes, you read the double negative in that last sentence right. 

So today I have compiled what I consider to be a wide variety of gifts that would please any of your family members or friends (provided they are not straight males).  Most of these are fun and not too pricey, although at the center of the collage you will find the ever-coveted Proenza Schouler bag.  Only in my dreams will this purchase come to fruition (at least for another few years until I can convince someone to get it for me for graduation), but I had to include it because, well, it's on my wishlist. 

I think I am getting better at this collaging thing! 

1.  I often roam the depths of Net-a-Porter in my nonexistant spare time, and in doing so I came across these fabulous Tom Binns skull earrings.  Bonus: they are on sale! So tempting, so tempting. 

2.  A Lomography Sprocket Rocket camera from Nasty Gal is a really fun gift for any friend or relative you may have that enjoys instagram worthy shots sans instagram.  Plus, it rhymes, so you can't turn that down.  

3.  Jacks.  Because who doesn't want to be reminded of their pre-pubescent years of Olympic-level jacks tournaments from their days as a camper. I know I remember mine fondly. 

4.  This Miss Dior perfume smells (and looks) amazing. 

5.  The dream.  Proenza Shouler PS11 bag. Purple is my favorite color and this shade seems very refreshing compared to the basic black. 

6.  I have been dying for some sort of printed shoes and these from Madewell seem less intimidating from some of the others I've come across.  The tiny heel may also help my 5'2" frame from looking so short. Also on sale! 

7.  I actually own these Madewell sunglasses, and they are fantastic. 

8.  I couldn't decide which one of these adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs phone cases I would want, so I just included them all! 

9.  I always wanted a pop phone, but every time I go to get one at Bloomingdales, my mom talks me out of it due to its outstanding impracticality. Maybe this cute Rebecca Minkoff print will change her mind. 

I don't find it a good idea to buy clothes for other people.  If you get a small and they are a medium, then they will feel fat.  If you get a large and they are a medium then they think that you think that they are fat.  If you get them a pullover sweatshirt but they only wear zip-ups, then they think you don't pay attention and don't know what they like.  If you get them pants and they are too long then they have to invest money into a gift you got them.  There are an infinite amount of ways that buying clothing for people can end in disaster. I personally think it's easier (and more fun) to buy little accessories that they will actually use instead of pretend to like and then return. Books are also a good idea but there are too many books that I want I just couldn't decided which one to include! 

In other news, I still have not recieved all of my cyber monday purchases; where are you I want to wear you!

I hope this helped someone trying to buy people gifts! Happy Monday:) 

xo, Scatter Girl


Confession: While putting this post together I may or may not have purchased four of the items from this collage.  Someone help I have a problem. 



  1. love the list, I really want a proenza ps11 but I just can't decide on the color, maybe santa knows the right one;)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  2. Love the phone cases, I'm eyeing the owl! Haha I've done the same thing, I go to make a wish list for my blog and end up with at least one thing off of it! Which four did you end up buying?

    and in response to your comment on my blog, Free People is my FAVORITE too :)

    1. I got the bunny case, pop phone, shoes, and earrings! xx

  3. welcome to the "i have a problem club". great choices! love the proenza.....and if you bought that yes your definitely going to have the join my club!


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  4. Nice post and good ideas for presents!!

  5. So inspiring! I must admit I envy you a little bit,your blog is really good, fresh and your ideas are fabulous! Keep it upe, and please let me know what you think of my new post, it means a lot to me :)

    1. Your blog is fabulous! Just started following you:)

  6. Oh my, I really want #5, the PS bag. The color purple is gorgeous!!


  7. Love it!
    Check my blog

  8. cute glasses

  9. Skull earrings? I'm in!!! Love love love them!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  10. That camera looks very cool !

  11. Really so nice inspiration with great colors. Have a nice day.

  12. i love those sunglasses!
    how do you make your collages? i've been trying so many different programs and just can't figure them out, haha.

    1. Thanks! I used for this post:) xx

  13. miss dior, reminds me of paris.
    Love it , it is on my christmas list!

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    please visit me at

  14. Great blog, very fun and informative. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, of course we can follow each other. I'm now following you.

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠