Monday, April 1, 2013

April Showers

First day of April, and, like clockwork, it started to pour as I was taking these pictures.  A little water never hurt anybody though, and so I was finally able to do an outfit post after what seems like forever.  I have been really busy the past few weeks with major tests, college tours, blah blah blah.  I am hoping after the next few months I will have nicer weather to take photos and more time to post. 

Anyway, this is my attempt to combat april showers by bringing early may flowers.  I actually was (briefly) nicknamed "floral" by an annoying kid in my english class a few years back for wearing the print so often, but it's just such a nice way to transition to spring!  I have been really into the matchy-matchy, monochromatic thing lately (not sure why), and I also recently bought my first pair of reflective sunglasses.  I am totally obsessed with that trend, and these go perfectly with the colors of my outfit.  (sidenote: I was really hoping for a good prank today for April Fool's day but I think it's kind of a forgotten day by now; I wish more people attempted jokes in school!  Did any of you have any good pranks?)  

Madewell top, jeans, and chambray shirt, Cole Haan flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Dannijo stingray cuff, sunglasses from local flea market.

Also, I finally got a new dslr camera!  This was my first post using it, and I can't wait to do more cool things with it once I figure it out! Let me know if you like it:)  

Hope everyone had a great first monday of April! 

xo, Sophie 

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