Friday, March 18, 2016

No Rest in Budapest

Hi there!

A few weeks ago I travelled with my friends to Budapest, Hungary! The trip started off pretty rough. It was definitely our toughest trip yet. We decided to take an overnight bus from late Thursday night into early Friday morning in order to make the most of our day. However, over the course of Friday we ended up walking a total of around 11 miles on little to no sleep, which made us exhausted, sore, and cranky. Definitely wouldn't recommend an overnight bus to anyone. 

However, despite this, we did actually see everything we wanted to. We go off the bus around 6 am and made our way to the chain bridge. Budapest was definitely less English-friendly than the other places we had visited, so we had  a bit of a tough time with the subway, but a friendly stranger helped us out and we made it eventually. We made it to the bridge just in time to see the sunrise. Throughout Friday, we saw St. Parliament, St. Stephen's Basilica, the Dohány Street Synagogue, ate pita and hummus sandwiches (A+), walked across the chain bridge, took the funicular up the mountain, saw Fisherman's Bastion, and walked all the way back to our hostel, collapsing there around 3 pm. We were so exhausted that we napped for 4 hours before getting dinner at a pizza place a few blocks away, finally collapsing again around 10 pm.

The next day was much chiller. We had french toast for breakfast (not the same as in the US evidently), and walked from our hostel to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, which is in the City Park. We ended up staying at the baths for around 3 hours because it was just so incredibly relaxing. Part of the bath has a natural whirlpool which is really fun, and there are also chess tables and jacuzzi jets around the baths. After our insane day before, it was a much needed break. After the baths, we stayed in the park, getting some lunch at a burger place and exploring the castle that's there. Around mid-afternoon, we took the subway back to the bus and went home!

Budapest was definitely our toughest physical trip yet, but so worth it! The baths especially were amazing.

xo, Sophie 


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