Sunday, March 22, 2015

Teen Vogue Fashion University 2015

{Teen Vogue Editor in Chief Amy Astley introducing Michelle Phan}

{Amy Astley with Dean Speaker Michelle Phan}

{Fashion Lean @ Instagram, Kristen Joy Watts}

{Writer Mickey Rapkin with Entertainment Editor Dana Mathews}

{@dkny Aliza Licht, SVP of Global Communications @ Donna Karen Internationl}

{@oscarprgirl Erika Bearman, SVP of Global Communications @ Oscar de la Renta}

Hi everyone!

I wanted to do a quick post of my experience at Teen Vogue Fashion University.  I attended the event last year as well, although it was completely different this year since the Conde Nast headquarters moved to One World Trade Center.  I was in the Editorial/Social/PR major (the other majors were design/styling and business) and the speakers I saw were Michelle Phan (YouTuber), Black Frame PR, Kristen Joy Watts (fashion lead at Instagram), a panel of Teen Vogue Editors, Aliza Licht (@dkny), Mickey Rapkin (Writer of Pitch Perfect), and Erika Bearman (@oscarprgirl).  

The lectures (seminars? classes? what do I call these?) involved learning about the experiences of the speaker, and then an open q & a to get advice about the industry.  I really enjoyed the speakers I saw, although I wish the questions were a bit more curated, as some were quite specific and therefore not beneficial for everyone. It was also a race to get the best seat possible, but other than that I had a great experience.  

I think four of my speakers were from Long Island as well, so I definitely related to their stories.  Erika Bearman actually went to the same high school as my boyfriend, so that was a little bonding moment.  Michelle Phan was definitely another highlight, as she was super inspirational.  I have featured a video so you can see some of the advice that all of the speakers gave, so hopefully that provides some insight into the event. 

The offices were beautiful, and I think the speakers highlighted an incredible range of jobs for the editorial/social/PR aspect of the industry.  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the experience! 



  1. That sounds like so much fun. How many times are you allowed to go??

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  2. Amazing post. What a cool event!