Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beauty Review: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

NYX Cosmetics Ultra Pearl Mania in Pearl, Lilac, and Very Pink, $2.99 each from Ulta

Hi everyone!

I have another beauty review for you today.  I mentioned this product on my YouTube channel last month, and a lot of people wanted to know more about it. I personally haven't seen many pigments on the market other than those by Mac, which are quite pricey for a product that isn't really used on a daily basis.  

This NYX pigment is the only one I have seen in the drugstore (I got mine from Ulta).  They are only $2.99, and when I picked mine up Ulta was having a buy one, get one 50% off all NYX products promotion, so they were super cheap.  

For being so inexpensive, I think these are really high quality.  The color is very true to the bottle, and the formula is fine and shimmery.  The colors are highly pigmented, but only when mixed with a bit of water.  I have found adding water makes them last a bit longer without creasing, but they do eventually begin to crease after a long day (expected from a drugstore product). One other drawback is the size of the bottle; they are VERY small.  

I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to play around with fun colors with little price commitment.  All of the colors (20 total) are beautiful and I am dying to get more of them and experiment with some fun makeup looks. 

What do you guys think of pigments?  Do you have any recommendations?

xo, Sophie  



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I definitely need to get my hands on these. They look absolutely beautiful.

  2. I have the red one, its just so beautiful to me. I nominated you for the Versatile award. Go check it out


  3. I don't use pigments nearly as much as I used to, but these are tempting me! Glad to hear they're so nice, given the lower price tag :)


  4. Very pretty colors, great review!

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