Monday, February 4, 2013

All You Need Is...

Insert the word love here to complete my title. 

February 14th is around the corner and it is a very big day for me this year.  As you all know (unless you are hopelessly denying it's existance), the 14th is Valentine's day.  The students of my high school are often reminded of this fact by the various posters asking us to support the cheerleading team by buying our loved ones some flowers, the cheerleaders eagerly trying to sell them to us in the cafeteria, and let's not forget the constant reminders on our twitter feeds that we are still alone, like last year.  Also, on the actual day, groups of all-girl singers and all-boy singers go around the school singing to people who were either lucky enough to have someone buy them a singing Valentine or someone who's friends sent one as a joke.  I will be neither (hopefully), and so, in the end, Valentine's day is not really why February 14th is important to me this year.  I will just be one the many singles trying not to be cynicial amidst everyone else's happiness.  

The second occurrence on that day is one of my best friends' birthdays.  It is unfortunate that her special day coincides with what so many other people consider to be their special day, but we will celebrate in the one class we have together and pray that she doesn't have five tests that day.  Also unfortunate is that it's not a weekend, plus we are junior's, so we may not be celebrating it at all.  17 isn't really that important of an age anyway, right?  

The third thing happening on February 14th is the return of my SAT scores.  Cue emotional breakdown and anxious rant here.  These will actually be my second SAT scores that I have recieved, so fingers crossed I am not as nervous this time around. 

Overall, you can see February 14th will be a very special day, and though I usually stray away from wearing anything with hearts or pink or lace on that day, I think it is important for me to surround myself with as much love as possible on such a depressing day.  Which leads me to this outfit, in which I wear a blouse covered in hearts with what appear to be a bordeaux-colored pair of pants but are in actuality a dark purple pair.  Do note that the top is from Paris, increasing my love for it by around five thousand percent.  Also noteworthy: my new dreamy Marc Jacobs boots.  I could likely wear them everyday for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy.  And now that I have sufficiently told you all of my problems, enjoy some outfit pictures:

Kookai blouse, Daughters of the Liberation pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, bag, and Daisy Perfume ring, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Madewell and vintage rings.

Yes, my ring has perfume in it, and yes, the wind did blow it open as that shot was being taken.  The ring really looks much more appealing closed, I promise.

Anyone else got special Valentine's day plans? Or am I the only cynical one here?

xo, Sophie 


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  1. I love those pants so much! Perfect with that adorable shirt!