Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Talking to a Camera

Something a bit different today.  You may or may not remember (I hope that you remember) that back in the fall I posted a video demonstrating how I do a fishtail braid.  It was something that one of my blog readers requested, and I never really intended to make another video after that.  YouTube has always been an incredibly intimidating site to me; it is a way to share yourself online in a more personal way than any other platform.  I have been watching other YouTubers (I am subscribed to more channels than is probably healthy) for years.  I watch everything from beauty/fashion gurus (some of my favorites are beautycrush,  zoellaclothesencounters, and beyondbeautystar) to vloggers (I have an unhealthy obsession with danisnotonfire, amazingphilitsgrace, and the vlogbrothers)  to short film makers (kickthepj and bertiebertg are brilliantly creative) and everything in between, but I never really thought I could be one of them.  However, after that first video, I thought I would give it a shot.  I felt incredibly awkward about the fact that I was posting videos online, and I still do, which is why I don't usually post them on here, or twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.  People I know in real life read this blog and follow my other social media, and the concept of someone I actually know (versus a random stranger halfway across the world) watching one of my videos is a terrifying concept to me. What if someone makes fun of me? Or dislikes one of my videos? Or brings it up in school? Terrifying. 

That being said, today I reached 400 subscribers on my YouTube channel.  Considering I only started a few months ago, that's a lot of people, and so I finally feel a bit more confident about people knowing that I make videos.  I think I am going to start sharing them on twitter and such, but I am still a bit hesitant.  I have included a few of my videos here if you are interested in checking them out, and you can subscribe here! It would make me ultra happy if you did:)

Thank you so much to everyone who watches my videos; it means so much to me!

xo, Sophie

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