Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowpocalypse Inspiration

Hi there. I am here to talk about the unrelenting snow that has happened upon New York. We have had too many snow storms to count this winter and as I am typing this there is over a foot on the ground from monday and yesterday's storm, with another one coming  on sunday. I have had four snow days from school, including the one I am having right now and not including the one I will probably have next week.  

And while I love days off of schools as much as the next girl, let me tell you, despite it's prettyness and stuff, it is really freaking hard to take blog pictures in the snow.  First of all, I can pretty much only wear Dr. Martens boots in this weather, which further limits my wardrobe and restricts the variety of outfit posts available for me.  Few sidewalks, backyards, fields, etc. are accessible to shoot in, and the blinding white of the snow reflects awkwardly in shots.  Because of these issues, I though I would return to a little series that I quite enjoy writing. 

Every now and again I like to be witty here on this blog.  I have written two apocalypse-related inspiration posts in the past, the first being at the end of 2012, when "the world ended", and the second being in summer 2013, when the heat was almost unbearable.  And now, in the middle of my love-hate relationship with never-ending snow, I present the third installment: What To Do To During The Snowpocalypse.  Enjoy some tumblr inspiration, and you can follow my tumblr here.   

Daydream about being this girl.  Because you're probably freezing right now.

Wear all white to blend in to your surroundings.  Maybe the snow will accept you as one of their own.

Most of your body heat escapes from your head, so wear a beanie. 

Get some sunglasses.  You need protection from the blinding white snow.

Drink plenty of hot liquids to ensure your body temperature remains normal.

Your chairs are probably feeling a bit chilled as well, so make sure to warm them up with jackets and fur.

You're stuck in the house; might as well get some work done. 

You're probably bored out of your mind (I know I am), so get some reading done.  I suggest John Green.

Light some candles because like I said earlier, you're probably freaking freezing. 

Escape to a city.  They trap heat due to the Heat Island Effect (shout out to my science teacher) and are likely to be a few degrees warmer than the suburbs. 

Grow your hair out as long as possible for extra warmth.

Backpacks are an essential for any apocalypse.

Find a cute boy with a big jacket and cuddle with him (purely for warmth of course).  Here we have Finn and Jack Harries looking irresistible. 

Wear lots of black makeup to represent your current mood.

If possible, just stay in bed all day. 

These conditions call for sweatpants and sweaters. 

Pretty sure Dr. Martens are the only shoes I own that can be worn outside in the current conditions.  I suggest investing in a pair.

So there you have it; everything you will need to eat, wear, and do in order to survive the winter 2014 apocalypse: the snowstorm.  Personally, I kind of like this weather, but I know most of you are probably wishing you were in Australia on summer break right now, so I hope you enjoyed these little tips for staying warm. 

Enjoy the snow;)

xo, Sophie


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