Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let's Try Something New: Beauty days and Fishtail Braids

It's getting to that point in the summer when I start to really not care about what I look like.  Before this day, I had not straightened my hair, worn makeup, worn a shoe other than flip flops or sneakers, or put on more than just a watch and earrings before leaving the house since school ended in June.  

And I woke up on Monday and realised I was in a rut.  So far this summer, basically all I have done is attend driver's education, go to work, watch about ten thousand youtube videos, and attempted to work out at the gym.  I decided I needed to pull myself together and do something different, so I gave myself something of a beauty day.  I took a bath, went through my makeup, did my hair, etc.  Mostly what I learned is that I actually really hate taking baths, but I also learned some new hair and makeup techniques.  

I have always loved braids, but I have a very hard time braiding my hair because it is extremely thick.  Before I can even consider braiding it, it either has to be soaking wet or pin straight.  So on Monday afternoon, I spent about an hour and a half blow drying and straightening my frizzy locks.  It's a real process with my hair and takes forever, but I finally got it somewhat straight.  I then decided to attempt to put on more makeup than just concealer and mascara, so I watched some tutorials on Youtube.  I found the "my everyday makeup routine" video by Zoella to be really helpful, so I then spent twenty minutes trying to mimick it.  After some frustration, I went back to my hair and tried to follow the video I found on Into The Gloss to perfect the fishtail braid.  However, I failed to realize that my hair would still be too thick to do a side braid, and I ended up having to do two seperate ones.  

I felt that the only thing I could possibly pair with pigtail fishtail braids was all denim-obviously a popular look at the moment among fashion bloggers.  I love denim, especially the chambray tops from Madewell, and I always pair it with loads of dainty gold jewels.  The looks feels a bit country to me-not exactly what I was going for-but I am actually really happy with the braids and I may even wear them again when I conjure up the two hours needed to perfect it with my hair.  What do you guys think?  How have you tried to get out of your ruts lately? 

Madewell chambray top, Blank NYC denim shorts, Rachel Zoe gladiator sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, House of Harlow 1960 starburst necklace, Anthropologie bangles

ps. I didn't realize I was looking to the side in nearly all of these photos, but those are the ones that the braids look best in.  Have a great week!

xo, Sophie


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