Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Field of Dreams

Madewell tee shirt, maxi skirt, and shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, House of Harlow 1960 necklace, Anthropologie bangles

When it's this hot, I find that all I want to do it slip on a maxi skirt.  And I am quite angered because each time I do so, it seems someone tries to stop me.  Due to my almost laughable shortness (nearly 5'2 is actually an accomplishment when you look at my 4'10 mother), it seems everyone in the universe is on a mission to stop me from wearing a maxi.  

When I first tried on this skirt in the store, the saleswomen ran over to me with a mini-version of the same exact skirt and attempted to persuade me to buy that one instead for about three minutes, then stood at the register horrified when I went with my original choice to go long. Upon first wear, the skirt obviously garnered me some odd looks in my high school halls, but I had nearly made it through the day with no comments until eighth period when someone questioned how a midget like me even found a maxi skirt that I didn't need to shorten (it's pulled up to be almost a dress).  It's gotten worn a few more times but never without either questions on why someone of my height would go through the trouble of donning such a complex garment or perhaps congratulations on having the courage to even attempt to wear a piece meant only for the vertically gifted.  

When did questioning someone's outfit choices due to their height become so commonplace?  Maxi skirts were have been pretty trendy for about a year and I would argue the majority of the female population is under 5'7", so why is it so strange that we just embrace our height and wear what we want despite it?  Discrimination against shorties in the fashion industry is inevitable at this point, but discrimination against them in the real world seems much more strange. It is true that I cannot wear this skirt the way it is meant to be worn--sitting low on my hips with some cute flats--but that hasn't stopped me yet.  I feel like most people probobly cannot pull this skirt off properly, so it shouldn't be that shocking.  In my (usually wrong) opinion, this outfit looks pretty awesome in these shots and I am beating the summer heat, so why is everyone so interested in my height? I'll wear what I want, and they will just have to deal with it. 

I often wonder if the fashion industry will ever be accepting of those who are vertically challenged or if I will have to just go my whole life in 7" Jimmy Choo's...not that that would be so bad...

Hope you are having a great week!

xo, Sophie


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