Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Inspiration: Black and White

Sometimes I just have those weeks when I don't have time or the weather is not cooperating to take outfit shots and I have mountains of school work and after school activities and tests and my job and stress and ugh I just need a few hours to mindlessly browse Tumblr in search of inspiration to so something, anything. 

I am having one of those weeks…months…years, whatever, so I took to Tumblr.  And what I noticed is that a large majority of my reblogs have been black and white recently.  There is just something so calming about b&w that has really been helping me these past few weeks.  And so here I am sharing them with you, because it has been snowing here in New York and the conditions just really don't make for good outfit shots.  Enjoy this random mix of photos and you can check out my tumblr here

Hope this inspired some of you or at least successfully distracted you for five minutes, which everyone needs sometimes:)

xo, Sophie

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