Monday, November 5, 2012

Patriotism and Plaid

Eureka! You guys can see my face and whatnot! Yes that creature to the left is me in my attempt-to-return-to-school-after-10-days-of-pajamas outfit.  I'm getting a haircut tomorrow so my hair will be acceptable to be photographed down after that.  

So we are coming up on day 7 without power; I have decided to just use my phone and take the best pictures possible with the limited resources I have.  Once I regain electricity, which I think I will appreciate much more after this, I will start to use a camera that will hopefully produce higher quality photos than the ones you see here-fingers crossed! 

Anyway this is the outfit I have decided to wear to school tomorrow for my first day back post-hurricaine.  I thought an homage to America would be a nice way to get back in the swing of things.  People have been wearing a lot of sad colors lately and I decided a bright red would make those people smile.  I think at this time, with so many organizations like the Red Cross, etc. helping those affected by this disaster, it is appropriate to show some American pride because it is, after all, a fantastic place to live dontcha think? 

So many designers went plaid this season I decided to give it a try after not wearing it for probably 10 years, back when my mom thought it was cute to have my entire outfit be one print-I'm talking plaid pants, top, hair accessory...needless to say I was obviously one fashionable baby.  One designer that dove particularly head-first into this trend was Michael Kors, always a fall favorite, where there was a clear lumberjack trend present.  Plaid was also seen extensively at 3.1 Phillip Lim, though this was actually for Spring/Summer 2013-look at that, ahead of trend already.  My spectific top is from the always well-made Madewell

And Patriotism is nothing new in fashion either.  Designers like Catherine MalandrinoDannijo, and the designer of this Katy Perry dress have been part of the action for years.  The t-shirt that I'm wearing is super soft, probably because it came from the men's section of Urban Outfitters.  I find men's clothing is so much softer and cheaper than women's, and it provides an all around better fit...Seriously! Go try out this hypothesis for yourself and report back.

These jeans are again from LF.  I really hope they start selling online soon but if you happen to find one of their stores (Florida, Ny, Boston, etc.) make sure you find out when their annual sale is because everything is 60% off; It's the best!  The combat boots are from Steve Madden.  I used to think they were really cool but I estimate about 70% of the girls in my school own them so I don't wear them too much anymore, but they do go well with the whole patriotic theme.   

And now for the details!  Are you still here? Am I boring you yet?  I will try to be more witty in the future but I'm new at this so forgive me this once. 

Here you will see my arms are clearly having a party (love that phrase by The Man Repeller) with this stack of bracelets.  From top: vintage necklace that I wrapped around my arm four times, Madewell bracelet, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, and double skull bracelet from Urban Outfitters.  The ring is  Forever 21

A couple more detail shots in case you thought my accessories we so amazing you just had to see more.  The bag on your left is Marc by Marc Jacobs and all other jewelry I haven't mentioned is either fine or vintage.

So, everyone cross your fingers I regain power soon, and if anyone wants to donate to victims of the hurricane, click here.  I will be returning to school tomorrow-a depressing thought-so I will likely see you all here again in a few days after I get used to the 10 hours of homework I will be back to forcing myself to stop napping to finish.  Well wishes to all those affected by Sandy and Happy Monday!

xo, Scatter Girl 


I didn't even realize this because I am not old enough to vote (sigh), but this outfit is perfect to show your election day spirit!  Happy Voting!!


  1. Oh and you write really well :)

  2. cute look, love the flag shirt!:)
    xx Kate

    1. Thank you! Just checked out your blog and I love the jewelry and lipstick you wear! Maybe we can follow each other?

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  3. Just discovered your blog and I love it!

    Kisses! xo, H

    1. Thank u! Please follow me: just followed your blog your new michael kors watch is so cute!

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  4. Cute outfit! Nice to see Obama win again! Great blog btw ..would you like to follow each other?

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  5. Amazing! Love this!
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