Monday, November 12, 2012

On Party Dressing

I always find dressing for parties to be quite a challenge, given where I live.  The norm these days (at least on Long Island) is tight dresses that could definitely pass for a top if worn with jeans, chunky, sparkly heels that young girls must scurry across the room in because they can't walk properly due to the hight, and a mask of makeup that makes one's face virtually unrecognizable.  I would never follow these "rules" for party dressing, which poses a problem when choosing what to wear when actually invited to a party (which is not often but that's not the point).

This particular party was a family friend's bar mitzvah last Saturday, but the fact that the majority of the guests were 13 only made the dresses shorter (some kids actually wore "fancy" shorts: someone please explain to me when those became acceptable for bar mitzvahs) and the heels more ridiculous.  I chose to go with a different approach:

I would say I succeeded in achieving pretty much the opposite of what the dress code for bar/bat mitzvahs entail.  I started with some black tights by Hue.  I think tights are such a great invention except for the fact that they rip nearly every time you wear them.  Next, I put on a Forever 21 t-shirt with ruched sleeves, because, what are sleeves if not ruched? Ponder over that question as I continue.

The dress is Free People, inspired by a certain Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 affinity for polka dots.  While I realize 2011 isn't exactly current, I figure Marc Jacobs never goes out of style so neither do his fabulous polka dots. 

Over to the accoutrements.  I really could've chosen any combination of the accessories I own and it would have worked just as well, another bonus to this outfit.  The shoes are Boutique 9 and these photos really don't do them justice.  Though I don't want to choose my favorite child, I have a secret preference for these booties because they make me very tall, go with everything, and are suede with leather laces.  Any shoe with leather laces gets automatic favoritism in my book.  

The necklace is also Free People.  Can you tell I like that brand? I think it's really unique looking and also the "chain" is actually a piece of suede so it doesn't turn your neck green! (major bonus for a person who wears copious amounts of brass around their neck on a regular basis). 

Various arm candy includes: Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Anthropologie bangles, Urban Outfitters skull bracelet, and lots of fine jewlery.  

Last but certainly not least, a Cult Gaila flower crown circa Dolce and Gabbana FW/12.  It's sorta my new obsession but I feel like it doesn't quite belong in any situation (school and such).  Thoughts?  Maybe I should just not care and wear it wherever I want every day of the week because it makes me feel like a princess, and that is what's important. 

How do you-whoever you are-handle the dilemma of party dressing? Would you rock a flower crown?

xo, Scatter Girl


  1. Nice post and your have anice blog :)
    folllow you asap!

    1. Thank you so much! You have a cute blog as well! xo

  2. You're so inspiring honey,keep up the good work;-)

    1. Thank you so much! Just followed you on bloglovin:)

  3. Wow hun, this is so romantic and lovely!
    Love the colors in the outfit and the headband!

    > <

  4. really cute look, and I am so over bandage dresses and a clown face full of make up as well, I like to go with leather pants of a cute skater skirt instead:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Thank you! would love to see these leather pants on your blog some time:) xx

  5. Eek, I barely ever wear body cons/ weirdly oversexual items. Classy always trumps, as do these serene flower crowns!

  6. Love this look, Free People is my favorite :)

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    1. Thanks! just followed you on bloglovin:)

  8. those shoes are amazing!!!