Sunday, November 4, 2012

Posting without Power

Due to the fact that LIPA seems to have a strong hatred for my block, I have yet to regain power and am thus forced to post a singular picture of an outfit from a few weeks back.  When I regain power-if that happens in my lifetime- I will be posting recent outfit shots with several detail shots as well, and you may even get to see my face one of these days.  Despite my power loss, I can only be grateful my house is still on its foundation, my trees are still upright, and I have relatives with whom I can stay until the heat in my house rises past sub-zero temperatures...just kidding, it's a warm 45 degrees in there!  My heart goes out to all those who are suffering, and I want to encourage people to donate all they can-I dropped off bags of clothing yesterday to be sent to Long Beach, LI (and cleaned my closet in the process, score!); the people who have lost everything could really use all the help we can provide.

So, as I sit here without access to other clothing or a camera with which to write a blog post more worthy of your reading, I present an outfit I wore 2 weeks ago-prior to the hurricane that forced me into an endless pajama cycle-to NYC to attend a class I take at the Fashion Institute of Technology.    

This is a great city outfit.  Not to sound conceded, but it has all the perfect elements when one wants when spending the day in the city, yet does not want to complain about hurting feet, carrying the multiple layers of clothing you brought "just in case" you got cold, having to awkwardly waddle along while holding down your dress from flailing about in the wind, or worrying about frizzy hair (note: ponytail).  These flats are from Madewell, and I promise that the first couple of times your heels bleed will be worth it once you break them in-I walked all day and felt fine!  The t-shirt is one of my favorites; it hails from the always-amazing Topshop.  It is honestly one of the softest and most comfortable shirts I have ever owned, and it doesn't even require a necklace!  Of course I put one on anyway because a piece from Dannijo, or in this case Mr. Dannijo (aka Dannijo x The Man Repeller), can brighten any day, especially when it has 9 eyes creepily staring at your comrades as they question why they hang out with you! 

Other accessories include the watch, by Michael Kors, and vintage bracelets stolen over the years from my mom's jewelry chest or collected from various travels to Mexico.  The black jeans are generic-you can find similar ones pretty much anywhere, though I got these from LF.  Their only distinguishing features are zippers on the back of the leg that I'm sure you will see in a future post. 

So anyway, I hope I can bring you more pictures and more current outfits once LIPA decides to forgive me for whatever wrong I have done to them and fix my transformer that exploded 6 days ago.  I promise my outfits in the future will have more thought and accessories!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!

xo, Scatter Girl


  1. Great outfit, hope you regain power soon!
    best wishes,

    1. Thank you for your well wishes and checking out my blog! Your blog looks great would you like to follow each other? xo.