Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sans the Flower Crown

How was everyone's cyber monday? I for one had a blast shopping from the comfort of my home instead of being trampled at my local Target over a tv (or bike or xbox or sewing machine, etc.) that neither I nor anyone else actually wanted but felt compelled to purchase in the spirit of Black Friday.  I also loved not having to make rash decisions on my purchases; I added things to my cart, took a break to eat or do homework or whatever, and it was all waiting for me when I returned to the monitor (unlike the memories of clutching onto an item in-store for the fear a fellow bargain-hunter may try to snatch it away before I have even decided if I like it)!  Once all of my orders arrive later in the week I will do a post on my fabulous finds.  

Now, back to today's post. I realize that wearing even a single item of clothing more than once in a blog post is a major blogger faux pas, but bear with me here as I explain. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post regarding my despise of current party dressing options, opting instead for a certain Free People polka dot dress.  This dress is one of my favorites because of its versitility. As you may have gathered by now, in this post I will show you how I have casualized (is that a word?) this very dress.  I bet I had you all fooled before thinking it was only for fancy events!  Since I realized that one could not appreciate each item of this outfit in a picture when worn all at once, I have broken it down for you:

Madewell striped top, Under Armour bike shorts (I'm very glamorous). 

Free People polka dot dress.

Madewell chambray shirt.

Vintage Levi's denim jacket (stolen from my mom).  Gosh I'm so short.

The final look.  Dolce Vita chelsea booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch.

I wore this very outfit to school yesterday.  I get a lot of grief from my friends about wearing dresses and such to school, and this outfit garnered a particular amount of attention due to it's lacking of rain gear in the current state of New York's ever fickle weather (we had a slight snow storm yesterday). I decided to go against all my amazing rainy day suggestions and wear whatever I wanted (take that mother nature!) 

Instead of the black tights, heels, and the flower crown of my previous outing in this dress, I opted for cute chelsea booties, a striped top to get that mixed prints feel, a chambray shirt, and a vintage jacket that unbeknownst to existed in my mom's closet, having not been worn until yesterday in around 30 years.  I can't believe she never mentioned it (and all it's fabulousness) to me! 

I fear I may be boring you with my constant presentation of clothing choices from Free People and Madewell. Maybe after I take my first SAT this Saturday (insert irrational sobs here), I can get some much need retail therapy. 

So here I am, going against all the rules they tell you when you start a blog about repeating outfits, and I'm not even a month in! But maybe it's okay because I'm only repeating the dress not the outfit? 

Which do you like better: dressed up or down?  Happy Wednesday! 

xo, Scatter Girl 



  1. Amazing outfit and pics! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?!


  2. That FP dress is beautiful!

  3. wow,great!

  4. Wow!Pure love,honey!;)

  5. super cute look, and I never let the weather dictate me what to wear! Yes I get a few funny looks sometimes, and all my friends are like "aren't you freezing?!" but these are just the things we do for fashion, so keep going, I for one really like it:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  6. Love your outfit!

  7. Great steal from your mum!
    Great post!
    Love G xx