Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pretending to be French

J'adore la France!  C'est très belle, la nourriture est incroyable, et la ville a beaucoup d'art et des musées. La ville a histoire fascinante, et je manque de mon voyage à Paris tous les jours. 

Today was a very french day.  I had a major French test, so I wore a shirt I purchased in Paris a few years ago because I thought that wearing a French shirt would somehow increase my abilities to speak the language; I don't think it worked (c'est tres mal). I also decided to take a cue from The Man Repeller and the bloggers of Europe and smile in my pictures while looking at the camera (a first for moi).

I rarely mix prints, but I decided to try out the trend in a more subtle way with this outfit:   

One shot looking down never hurt anyone! Top: Kookai, jeans: Free People, booties: Lucky Brand, watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, bow bracelet: Dannijo, other assorted bracelets and rings: Anthropologie, Madewell, my mom, vintage. 

The Frenchiness of the day got me missing my trip to Paris in 2010.  The experience was the best one I have ever had; I could live in that city for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy.  Here are some of my favorite things from my trip:

Your could stop pretty much anywhere and have the background of your picture be stunning, even if it's not actually anything of importance: La Seine. 

There are people drawing everywhere. If I were to face the shot in my direction you would've seen five more people just like this one: Notre Dame.

It looks even prettier at night: La Seine.

Me and Mona.  There were about 100 people trying to get as close as possible to this painting and it took about ten minutes to crawl my way to the front. Honestly, I really expected it to be bigger: Le Musée du Louvre.

The rain only adds to the beauty of the city. There is nothing much better than Paris in the rain: Le Musée du Louvre/ Le Jardin de Tuileries.

There is an entire museum built around Monet's water lilies: Le Musée de Ll'orangerie.

La Tour Eiffel.  Need I explain?  

Baguettes.  You can eat as many as you want and not get fat because all you do is walk all day: Near Moulin Rouge.

Shopping on the most famous street in the world.  The Louis Vuitton store seemed to be about 7 floors though maybe it only seemed that way because I got lost.  It was like a dream: L'Avenue des Champs Élysées. 

So the moral of this post? Everything is better when you live in Paris. Though I don't want to sell New York short.  It deserves some glory too, but I guess Paris is just a nice change every now and then.  Also, wearing French clothes does not improve the way one comprehends the language.  It was a nice thought though.  I liked mixing prints; I may even try it again sometime.  

I leave you with an adorable shot of me and my new dog Roxie.  Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen!?

xo, Scatter Girl



  1. Quel belle look! J'avais une examen francaise aujourd'hui aussi et j'ai un A! Hehe
    Omg my french is tres mal too haha. Love this post though xx

  2. Nice look. :) I was just in Paris last week. I miss it!!!

    1. Jealous that you were just there! I miss it too!

  3. French shirt = ability to speak French = you acing test and being awesome. Enough said.


  4. Cool printed jeans!


  5. I love the different prints of your outfit! :D
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